Dear Superhero Dad

Dear Superhero Dad

Dear Superhero Dad,

I looked into the mirror and realized I have changed from the little girl I used to be. It's so interesting because I used to measure my height on the wall of the kitchen and you'd say, "don't worry; soon, you'll be too tall to measure here." I even used a stool to stand tall enough to reach the kitchen sink. I wanted to be "big" like you and mum.

Today, I laugh at myself because your words like always, were true. I am now a "big girl."

Daddy, you were my rock and defendant growing up and you still are. I dared anyone who challenged me because I knew my dad would defend me as long as I was in my right. I knew how to stand up for myself because of the confidence you instilled in me.

My encyclopedia dad, you had all the answers to my questions. I can't remember any time my questions caught you off guard. Now, I've grown and of course, you may not have all the answers but you always have a way of leading me to the answers or simply calming my fears.

I hope it's not too tough for you today to know that I may not always ask you for all the answers because I'm becoming an independent woman. I just want you to know that I still look up to you, dad, and always will. Your pieces of advice are treasures I cherish so much.

I won't forget how I used to fight with mum about picking my clothes, but I always allowed you to pick them for me. You were my beautician (laughs). You even applied my lip gloss for me. It's so funny thinking about it. Now, you can't do that anymore, but those memories remain dear to my heart. It has not changed and will probably never change the words of compliments you showered me with. You'd say, "Wow! Who is more beautiful and gorgeous than my princess?" You always told me, "You are beautiful!" My sweet daddy, I can never outgrow your love or your words. They remain my fuel even in your absence.

Now, I'm ready to explore the world as a grown-up young woman and I have my dad to thank. You and mum prepared me well for this phase of my life because even when I feel nervous, I know deep down I will be fine. Why? Simply because daddy said so and his words have proven to always be true over the years.

I hope it's not too hard to let go and see me go out there all by myself. You can't keep carrying your princess in your arms anymore or always protect her. Neither can you choose my clothes for me, but you have taught me to be independent and dauntless.

I'm sure I am ready and will make you proud in university. I love you, daddy and I just want you to know I will always be your little girl.

Love you always,

Your Princess.