Dear Heart, I'm Sorry For Not Taking Good Care Of You

Dear Heart, I’m Sorry For Not Taking Good Care Of You

I'm sorry for not realizing what was best for you. I'm sorry for not feeding you the good stuff for the sake of what "tastes good." I've done my research and you will only be given the best from now on. I'm sorry for not getting myself moving more regularly. I know that you need to get a workout as well. So I will be doing more to make sure that you keep pumping.

I'm sorry for trusting you in the wrong hands

I'm sorry for not allowing myself to fully understand love so that I could give you to someone who truly deserved you. I'm sorry for repeatedly giving you a way to the wrong person even after promising time and time again that I wouldn't.

I'm sorry for wearing you on my sleeve, leaving you vulnerable to people's harsh words. I'm sorry for getting you scratched and bruised. I should have left you where you were and put up a stronger guard. I'm sorry for being weak at that moment. I know now how sensitive you are and how easily you can be broken. I'm sorry for not learning to protect you the first time and putting you through years of abuse.

I'm sorry for being so selfish that I risked your safety for the sake of my happiness. If that happiness wasn't superficial, you would not have gotten hurt in the first place. I'm sorry for trusting others too easily. I had to learn the hard way that not everyone had my best interest in mind. Despite everything I have put you through, when everyone else left me high and dry, it was you who stood by my side. I'm sorry for taking advantage of that.

I'm sorry for not leaving when I had every opportunity to leave

I've learned that true love doesn't come with any type of abuse. I'm sorry for not knowing when to walk away or when my buttons are being pushed. Every fight does not need to be had and my choice to have unnecessary arguments caused you to suffer. I'm truly sorry for that.

I'm sorry for letting the one who truly earned you go

He often showed that he knew how to properly take care of you and ignored the signs. We were both being handled with so much love and care, but still, it wasn't enough for me. He made me promise to find someone equal to if not better than he was to us. I promise you that I am going to keep my promise.

Through all of the pain and suffering we have endured together, I have learned what it means to love and show that love to you truly. I promise to do everything in my power to prevent you from being hurt again. I know that I made that promise before, but I am very serious this time. My life journey has allowed me to learn my worth and I will make sure that the next one who holds you in his hand will give us nothing less.

I promise.