Dear God, Keep Me Grounded In You

Dear God, Keep Me Grounded In You

Dear God,

I know I don't talk to you often, but today is different. I felt like I should speak to you for once. Even though I know you are aware of everything. I know you are knowledgeable of my state of being. Nothing hides from you, and yet I feel like I should have a dialog with you. Well, honestly, I am done.

Please Give My Life A Purpose

I don't want this life of purposelessness. With every passing day, I feel like my life is losing its meaning. I am tired of fitting in just to get validations from those around me. It drains me to maintain a persona that would please others, and frankly, it is killing me from the inside.


I feel dead from within. For a long, long time, I have sought acceptance from others. I did things that I never wished to do. I got along with people I never intended to be with. All this I did just in the hope that I will live the life of my dreams. Now I wish to dedicate a life to your divine purpose.

Guide Me Towards True Happiness

Never have I ever been so wrong. Usually, confessions are considered a sign of weakness, but here I am, submitting myself to your will. I don't want the menial pleasures of life anymore. I have had money, had sex with people for pleasure, and even got drunk in hopes that I can achieve the best of my life.


However, now I realize, all this is useless. These things can never truly make me happy. I long to feel fulfilled. I was naïve to look for satisfaction in such worthless pleasures, but now it seems that my eyes have opened up.

Keep Me Away From Toxicity

It seems that I was asleep and have suddenly woken up from a deep state of slumber. All I need is your grace and blessings to flow through me. Dear God, guide me. Fix me. Enlighten me.


I am tired of being the one who always worries. People use me for personal gains and take unfair advantage. I don't want to be the one fixing everyone while my life becomes a complete mess.

Let Your Grace Flow Through Me

I know that you know everything, yet I am speaking my heart out today. Nothing hides from you, and I am sure you can see how broken I am. You are my last hope. Sometimes I feel that these scars are beyond repair, but I will not subject myself to such hopelessness this time.


This time I seek refuge in you. Keep me grounded in you. Look after this spiritual child of yours dear Lord.

Allow Me To Come Close To You

I want to live the rest of my life as a representative of yours. Take away everything from me that has the potential to distract me from you. Please fill me with the morals and values that bring me closer and closer to you. Externalities can never complete me.


I have tried everything, and I know nothing is powerful enough to replace you. Your love, your grace, and your guidance are all that I seek.

Dear Lord, I've only got this one request to make; pull me back towards you and never let me go astray again.