Dear God, I'm Counting On The Future You Have Prepared For Me

Dear God, I’m Counting On The Future You Have Prepared For Me

We all have a past, and I am no longer scared to admit that there was a time I did not think I would make it through. There were moments I thought I would eventually fail and that my efforts would come to nothing.

I saw nobody who could save me from the challenges ahead of me. My hope was shattered, and I was convinced I had nobody to save me from my troubles.

But Miraculously, I Made It Through The Challenges

Without knowing it, I figured a way out of the challenge, and there was some light at the end of the tunnel I was going through.

When I thought I was done for, some mysterious force would come to my aid and pull me out of the hole I had fallen into.

Some great force out there did not want me to drown in my troubles.

Today, I Know That God Always Had My Back

He never allowed me to be broken beyond repair. He kept sending me His blessings so I could overcome every obstacle that lay in my path.

God comes through when you least expect it. He gives you the strength you need when you require it the most.

But one thing is true: He never lets your problems get the better of you.

He knows how much you can take, and He will not let you be tried to where you are completely broken.

I can confess that overthinking is something I struggle with. But I have learned to appreciate that there are things I will never understand.

I Have Overcome Challenges That Were Far Beyond My Abilities

And I have God to thank for all that.

That's why today I pray to God to give me the best for me. I may not know what He has in store for me, but my hope is in Him alone.

He knows the path I should take in life, and he will guide me along even though I might not see the entire path.

People Will Doubt You

When you are deep in your troubles, people think you are weak and defeated, and it's true.

We are weak, and I know for a fact I can never make it through on my own.

That is why I need His guidance every day. My wish is that He will be there for me and hold my hand through my harshest struggles.

And So, Dear God, My Hope Is Entirely On You

I do not understand what tomorrow has for me, but I have hope that God will never let me down.

Many kinds of people will cross my path, but I understand that my purpose in this life rests on you alone.

So, help me make the right decisions so I choose people who are right for me.

I Count On Your Strength, Not Mine

Whatever I face, I pray that you will make it have a good purpose for my life. For you, nothing happens without a reason.

So, even though I know I will face additional challenges in the future, I understand that everything will work out for good and for a purpose that's bigger than my own.

Your timing is perfect, and I know I will get what I need in this life at the right time.

Dear God, you are all I have. I am counting on you and your miracles and mercy. With you by my side, I am sure that everything will work out in my favor and I will be happy in this life despite the challenges on my path.