Dear God, I Am Surrendering To You Everything I Can't Control

Dear God, I Am Surrendering To You Everything I Can’t Control

I am a worrier. Although I seem carefree to the world, secretly, I worry about everything. Will the kids be successful? Will I have enough money to get through the month? Pay the rent? Will I have enough for retirement? Will I have good health? Just a few of the many things that run through my head.


Worrying is exhausting. It steals your joy and prevents you from enjoying the here and now. The present. It prevents you from making memories you can enjoy for years to come.


How nice it is to believe in a higher power. To let go and let God as they say. Just believe that God is in control of your destiny and that he will not let things go wrong for you. It's harder for me as my dad and sister died young, so then I think that because their life ended, then why would he help me? But I have to believe in a higher power and plan. Lately, I have been struggling but I feel more at peace.


God Is Always With You

God is always with you and God will always provide you peace and guide you if you trust in him. I have had a hard time trusting this fact but I have to believe in it. Just trust that everything that happens is in his plan and that he will provide for you. Even if you struggle with religion or belief, it can bring a greater sense of peace and joy to your life if you just let go and let God.


How wonderful it feels to not have to control and worry about every detail and everything going wrong and just believe things can work out in the end. Lately, I have come to this inner peace but for years, I have struggled.

Even if you do not consider yourself a religious person, believing in a higher power guiding, you can bring a sense of peace and calmness to your life that, in the end will bring greater joy and acceptance and enjoyment of life.