Deadpool 3: Thanos Is The Only Way To Beat Deadpool 2's Post-Credits Scene

deadpool 3: thanos is the only way to beat deadpool 2’s post-credits scene

If Cable (Josh Brolin) kills Thanos (Brolin as well) in Deadpool 3, it could be better than Deadpool 2. That would be the ultimate post-credits scene.

In a lot of ways, 2018's Deadpool 2 was truly remarkable. It had everything we had come to expect of the original Deadpool with the pop culture references, fantastic action scenes, and racy humor.

However, the post-credits scene was one of the most famous in the widely acclaimed film.

In the scene, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) travels back in time and kills a version of himself that has decided to sign on for Green Lantern.

In the post-credits scenes, Wade also seemingly goes back in time to smother a baby version of Hitler. But this particular scene was removed from the theatrical version.

Deadpool fans haven't forgotten these hilarious and daring scenes, which is why they expect something similar in Deadpool 3.

However, There Are Bigger Things To Worry About

It is not yet clear if there will even be a Deadpool 3.

Disney bought Fox in 2019, and with the deal went the film rights to X-Men. That obviously creates a lot of possibilities.

However, the changes come with serious concerns regarding the Deadpool franchise.

With its raunchy brand of humor, crude language, and R-rating, Disney might not be too keen to keep the franchise alive.

Fortunately, Ryan Reynolds is highly motivated to give us a third installment of Deadpool. And pressure from fans might make this reality come true.

What we can tell for now is that a Deadpool 3 will put a lot of effort into its post-credits scene. In fact, in all possibility, this scene could outdo the Deadpool 2's post-credit scene.

The Wisecracking Is What Gets Us

Although all of us might not admit it, Deadpool keeps us interested in the franchise with the unending jokes. There is seemingly nothing off-limits for Wade Wilson.

He makes snide comments even about films Deadpool members have been part of.

In the first movie, he has a picture of Hugh Jackman, Wolverine actor, stapled to his disfigured face. This happens in the scene when he first gets off his hood for Vanessa.

During Deadpool 2, he complains about Wolverine stealing his thunder by making Logan R-rated and then "upping the ante" by dying. In this film, Wade also refers to Cable as Thanos, clearly due to the fact that Josh Brolin plays that role in MCU.

And with that, fans are expecting more Cable and Thanos jokes. That is why it's highly likely that the third Deadpool film will take these jokes further.

Deadpool 2 Set The Precedent

deadpool 3: thanos is the only way to beat deadpool 2's post-credits scene

Fans now expect the jokes after the endless humorous quips and antics in Deadpool 2.

For starters, in this latest Deadpool installment, many versions of Ryan Reynolds get offed. And now, things should only get better.

Deadpool now belongs to Marvel, and with Josh Brolin playing both roles, Wade will have more than his fair share of unexpected and reference-based jokes.

That's why it is possible that the post-credits scene will have Cable create an alternate universe by hilariously killing Thanos in a manner similar to Thor's slaying in Avengers: Endgame.

A scene where Brolin kills himself is undoubtedly too hard for Wade to resist. He might even take a shot at The Goonies, another Brolin film.

All things considered, Deadpool 2 truly raised the bar. And so, the third film will have to do something particularly incredible in its post-credits scene to outdo it.

Deadpool 3 has to be more irrelevant, raunchier, more playful, and a lot more hilarious than the last two films ever were. All we can do is hope that Cable executes himself.