DC Is Proving Superheroes Are More Interesting As Parents, Not Less

Dc Is Proving Superheroes Are More Interesting As Parents, Not Less

The DC Comics presented several storylines with everyone's favorite superheroes as parents, and we love it!

In a quest to create a more relatable superhero, the DC crafted some powerful stories that took Batman, Superman, and Flash to the new rights.

Apart from creating queer characters, the comics also invest in superheroes and their equally gifted offspring.

Superman has Jonathan Kent, Batman has Damian Wayne, and The Flash has Iris and Jai.

Each superhero has different parenting skills and methods, which perfectly resonates with their humane sides. Batman met his son when the boy was 7, and their relationship was based on respect.

Iris, the youngest child of The Flash, is pushing the boundaries, and her youthful naivety and confidence hit refresh to one of the most beloved comics ever.

Watching The Flash struggle resonates with every parent: he is a hardworking superhero, and raising kids became his most challenging task.

While all these characters were terrific mentors, being a parent comes with additional emotional difficulties and barriers.

All three superheroes became parents in the past two decades, but their actual parenting, the ups and downs of this always tricky task, only got more approachable with time.

Needless to say, becoming a parent-superhero is significantly affecting their work. Most of the time, that change is positive, but also they are more vulnerable than when they were living childfree lives.