Daytime Naps Boost Your Memory, Reduce Stress, And Much More!

Daytime Naps Boost Your Memory, Reduce Stress, And Much More!

We are overworked, overstressed, and always exhausted. But, we will not complain, since it's better to use that time to take a nap. Apparently, napping's excellent for the brain, heart health, but wait... There's more!

The science behind napping promises that just 20 minutes can enhance memory. And the more you nap, the more improvement it brings to your body. A 30-minute nap boosts creativity and mind, while 30 to 60 minutes of napping improves overall skills and memory.

The most significant benefits come from 60-90 minutes of napping. Your brain gets its RAM sleep, which is like hitting a reset button. You get better at solving issues and improved emotional and procedural memory.

Numerous studies confirmed that napping does wonders for you, and there are three categories:

Planned napping or preparatory napping is taking a nap before actually getting sleepy. Planned napping helps to prevent tiredness and weakness when someone knows that they will be up later than the regular bedtime.

Emergency napping occurs when someone suddenly feels exhausted and can't proceed with the work. Drowsy driving or tiredness while using heavy and dangerous machinery can be treated with this nap.

Habitual nap is a rest that is taken at the same time each day. Young kids usually fall asleep at about the same time every midday, or some adults take a short nap each day after lunch.

Napping isn't a problem solver for those with sleeping disorders. It's simply a healthy way to give your brain a bit of rest during a busy day. Spain, the country with the most extended longevity, has a tradition called a siesta, which is nothing more than an afternoon rest.

Though the most significant benefits come simply for letting your brain rest, naps have positive physiological impacts and they even lower risks from heart attacks by 37 percent.

Now you are probably thinking: "Where do I find the time for sleeping in the middle of the day?" It's a matter of developing a healthy habit. Once you get used to getting a proper, midday rest, you'll become more efficient.

Taking regular naps, even for only 20 minutes, will make the rest of your day much more manageable. Afternoon naps aren't frequent in the US, due to corporate culture, which doesn't give a darn about your health.

However, it's up to you and how much you value your health and well-being. If you do want to make a change in your life, get a good night's sleep and start taking small naps. It will do wonders for your body and mind.

Napping is excellent, and don't let anyone guilt-trip you into thinking otherwise!