With the financial pressure on families, parents find they both need to work to make ends meet. This leaves them with the daunting task of finding the best childcare possible for their children.

Daycare centers should be a place you can trust to provide a safe environment for your children to learn and grow.

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Recently in Florida, four children coincidentally suffered broken legs on the same day, and authorities acted immediately. Apparently, the four kids (between the ages of 13 and 21 months) were fine the morning of the incident when they were brought to the daycare.

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On the parent’s return to collect their children, they noticed that they were having trouble standing up or walking. After a medical evaluation, each child was diagnosed with leg fractures of varying degrees of severity.

“Upon returning to pick them up in the afternoon, the children were showing signs of distress and could not stand or walk,” the report said.

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Christina Marie Curtis, 25, was charged this week with four felony counts of child neglect following a lengthy investigation into the matter.

Details are continuing to emerge about what exactly happened that day, but so far, they certainly paint a disturbing picture. Most of that is due to the damning surveillance footage police obtained, which allegedly shows Curtis putting several children in unsafe situations, such as holding the hand of an 18-month-old above his head.

“The defendant stopped and quickly moved her hands to [his] upper arms and rapidly jerked him into the air,” the report said. “When [he] was picked up, his feet and legs were in the air and was dropped feet first into a wagon. Other children were placed in the wagon, and it was pulled outside.”

The incident might have gone unnoticed had the boy not shown signs of pain — after the wagon ride and once he woke up from his nap. It was at that point that another teacher “attempted to place him on his feet,” according to the report. “However, [he] was unable to bear weight on his legs.”

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Even more disturbing? The teacher reportedly had to tell Curtis many times to inform the daycare center’s front desk about the injury before she actually did.

“The defendant denied knowing how the injuries occurred and believed they could have happened either at home or in the playground,” a report later found. “She has observed several children fall out of playground cars or other items.”

Christina Marie Curtis was released on $4,000 bail last month but cannot have unsupervised contact with any child and cannot be employed at childcare facilities or schools.

One of the parents of the four toddlers said she had specifically told Curtis to keep her boy inside and not let him play outside because of a rash that he had. “When I picked him up he had dirt all in his hair,” she told the outlet. “I don’t know if they let him crawl around out there or what. It took the daycare three days to give me any kind of explanation.”

Her little boy suffered a fracture in his foot but is thankfully recovering well.

Curtis is awaiting her trial.