Dating Men Who Are Less Attractive Than You Is The Key To A Happy Relationship, Study Says


Although there are numerous factors that are more important than physical appearance, particularly when it comes to establishing a prosperous, lasting relationship, it is undeniable that attractiveness plays a significant role in our romantic affiliations. A recent study from the University of Florida indicates that physical appeal is crucial for women's contentment, albeit not in the way one might anticipate.

1. Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men

A study conducted on 113 heterosexual married couples in their late twenties found that when the woman is more attractive than the man, the likelihood of the relationship being successful long-term is significantly higher. This is the primary conclusion of the study.

2. Less Attractive Men Treat You Better, Apparently

According to the researchers, men who were less physically attractive tended to exhibit more considerate behaviors towards their female partners, such as assisting with household tasks, presenting gifts, etc. This compensatory behavior made the women feel more valued and loved, resulting in happier relationships. The study stated that "the husbands appeared to be more devoted and committed to pleasing their wives when they believed that they were receiving a relatively good bargain."

3. The Same Wasn't True In Reverse

The study revealed that having a less attractive husband is beneficial for the relationship. However, when the scenario was reversed, and the men were more attractive than their wives, the situation took a negative turn. The women felt immense pressure to match their partners' physical attractiveness and became preoccupied with dieting and exercising. Co-author of the study, Tania Reynolds, explained that "the findings suggest that having an attractive husband may have adverse effects on wives, especially those who are less physically attractive. Social factors may contribute to women's unhealthy eating behaviors."

4. The Study's Methods Were A Little Subjective, However

The study was conducted using both user-reported data and the researchers' own evaluations of the participants' physical attractiveness, which raises certain concerns. Primarily, why did FSU and Southern Methodist University get to determine who is considered attractive or unattractive? After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. As a result, we may need to consider the findings with some caution.

5. The Takeaway? Date An Average-looking Guy, I Suppose!

It is a well-known fact that physically attractive men can often behave poorly, and this study appears to support this notion, or at the very least suggests that being with one may not bring happiness. Ultimately, one should seek out a partner who makes them laugh, treats them kindly, and with whom they feel at ease... perhaps someone who is slightly less physically attractive than themselves.