Dating Is Depressing AF When You Genuinely Want To Find Love

Dating Is Depressing Af When You Genuinely Want To Find Love

As you get farther along in the dating game, it's likely that you may feel like you will never find the love that's right for you. So many misfired attractions that fizzled out, brutal breakups and sleazy scumbags to get rid of can make any woman want to give up on the whole thing. Isn't anyone looking for an actual relationship anymore?

It seems like the more upfront, confident and even blunt that you are, it can still be impossible to make an authentic connection. The dating scene has quickly changed to a more disposable outlook on relationships. No matter what they may try to make you believe, more and more guys are really just looking for a casual hookup these days.

Moving forward in life still includes finding a partner and having a family for a lot of people, but where are they? They are married to someone else already. That's where they are. So many women end up wasting their time and their efforts on men that are already in relationships and looking for some side action.

All of this drama is the reason that it can feel like you will never find real love. It can be a depressing journey that's often tough on your self-esteem. Keeping your head and heart in the game has become a show of courage and determination for many gals looking for long-term love. Take a look at some of the things about the current dating scene that can seem to only work against you. Fight back and just keep being you!


You have heard it all before. From the most ordinary to most elaborate getaway stories, women have heard every excuse and lie that men can imagine. You can start to wonder if there is really anyone out there that values loyalty or honesty as you do. Isn't everyone tired of all the games? You can try your best to not hold on to past disappointments but somewhere down the line after too many people have let you down, you can start to lose hope.

Casual Attitude

Everything now is quick and casual and seems to have no meaning. If you are trying to find a partner or sharing your life, this light-hearted attitude can work against your goals. If you even mention that you are looking for a relationship and not just a hookup you are risking someone moving on quickly if they feel the pressure.

Self Doubt

This is the worst aspect of the current dating world. It can really give you a good punch to your self-esteem. Most women are thinking that they are a catch and can't figure out what they keep doing wrong. We have all been there. Did I say something wrong? Was I not caring or attentive enough? You don't want to seem too independent so that you are approachable, but at the same time, you don't want to be too clingy. This is a big part of why women are staying single longer.

Don't Worry

There is someone that is right for you out there. Self-confidence and self-love are the biggest parts of what is learned during your single years. It can feel tough. It can definitely be depressing, but it's not impossible. Take the time to focus on yourself, improving your self-esteem and fall in love with who you genuinely are. If you can really put your honest self out there you will attract someone who is perfect just for you.