Dating Can Be Brutal And Demoralizing — And These 10 Behaviors Are To Blame


Fairness is a principle that seems to apply to both love and war. However, in the world of modern dating, it often feels like this principle is not upheld. It is difficult to understand why dating has to be so cruel, especially when all I want is basic respect and courtesy from the men I'm seeing. Despite my expectations, my experiences have shown me otherwise. Therefore, there are 10 specific behaviors that I believe guys should stop doing immediately.


1. Not Being Upfront About Their Intentions

Being honest about your intentions is something I value, even if it means you just want sex. Instead of beating around the bush, have the courage to communicate your true desires to me. I can handle it, and it's better than playing games or giving me false hope. At this point in my life, I'm not particularly interested in casual sex, but given the prevalence of hookup culture, I'm sure you can find a woman who is.


2. Leading Me On When They're Not Really Interested

Leading me on is not only frustrating but also disrespectful. If you're not into me, it's better to be straightforward about it. Don't let me believe that there's something between us when there isn't. I don't want to continue chasing after you when I have no chance. So, if you're not interested, please let me know so that I can move on with my life.


3. Sleeping With My Friends After We Break Up

Our past relationship was significant to me. Although we are no longer together, we once shared a connection, and I ask that you respect it by refraining from pursuing my friends. I am off-limits, and so are they. It is best for both of us to move on and stay out of each other's lives.

4. Making Me Their Backup Plan

Every woman deserves to be a man's top choice, including myself. I am not willing to settle for someone who sees me as a backup plan or an option. If you cannot commit to me wholeheartedly, then please do not include me in your considerations. I value myself more than being second best and will not settle for anything less.


5. Nailing And Bailing

I am not interested in casual hookups or being another conquest in your list. Do not deceive me into thinking that you are interested in a relationship when you only want to sleep with me. It is not okay to use or manipulate women for sex. You might want physical intimacy, but it should not come at the cost of someone's emotional well-being.


6. Sharing Intimate Details Of Our Sex Life With Other People

The privacy of our bedroom should be respected, and our sex life should be kept between us. It's not appropriate to flaunt it on social media or gossip about it with friends. Anyone who can't understand this basic concept of decency isn't ready for modern dating.

7. Not Letting Me Go Even Though They Don't Love Me Anymore

Ending our relationship might seem harsh, but it's the kindest thing to do. It's worse to keep leading me on and breaking my heart. I don't want to live a lie, nor do I want to love someone who doesn't feel the same way about me. If you don't want to be with me, please let me go, so I can find someone who will love me as I deserve.


8. Not Staying Faithful

When you're dating me, it's expected that you're only seeing me. Sleeping with multiple partners at the same time is not acceptable. Even if some men believe it's in their nature to spread their seed, we should have evolved beyond caveman behavior. If you want to be with someone else, please break things off with me first out of respect.


9. Moving On While We're Still Together

It's essential that I know if there are any problems or if you're losing feelings for me. I don't want our breakup to surprise me. It's impossible to solve a problem if I don't know it exists. I deserve to be informed of any issues and if there's no solution, I should know as soon as possible. It's unfair to learn of your moving on after you've already broken my heart.


10. Not Treating Us The Way They Want To Be Treated

It's not complicated; treat others as you would like to be treated. Why can't we show kindness in the dating world? Why do we have to work against each other? When you date me, I expect to be treated with respect. Love me the way you'd like me to love you, because anything less is cruel.