Dating As A Single Mother: The Ultimate Guide
dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

Dating as a single mother can be an uphill task. From the judgment you get from society to the fears you carry as you go along. The one thing you need to remember is, you deserve to love and be loved. So do not be hard on yourself. Give yourself the chance to love.

If you have not been in the dating scene for a while, you may feel a bit rusty. Going back in as a mother might make you even more apprehensive about dating. With a few pointers, you will be in a position to get back into the game without any issues.

Be Honest

dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

There is a tendency to hide the fact that you are a mother from the person you are dating. While most people do this out of fear of being dumped, it is a big no. Your partner will find it hard to trust you should they find out later on. Be honest about being a mother. It will help you know if the man you plan on dating is okay with it or if it makes them uncomfortable. This way, you do not invest your emotions in a relationship that won’t work.

Put Your Child First

dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

While you may get another man to fill the shoes of your previous partner, you need to remember that your child will never have another mother. Make it clear to your new man that your child comes first, do not let a new relationship make you neglect your child. A man will respect you more if you do not compromise your relationship with your child for them. Your child will also appreciate it if you make time for them as you used to despite being a new man in your lives.

Only Introduce Them To Your Child If They Are Interested In Meeting Them

dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

So you have a new man in your life now and have been dating for a couple of months, should you introduce them to your kids? The answer to this is hard to give. Some women rush to introduce their new partners to their kids only to end up having to explain why it did not work out with the man to their children so many times.

Before you introduce the man to your child, take the time to know if that is something he would like to do. It will be frustrating to introduce the man to your child to realize that they are not interested in knowing your child. This will also disorient your child, especially if you keep introducing them to different people each time you feel the relationship is going somewhere.

Do Not Settle For Less

dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

There is often the assumption that single mothers are desperate and will settle for anyone who gives them attention. This makes most women end up dating douchebags who think they are doing the women a favor. Remember that your child does not reduce your value as a person and does not accept to be treated as a devalued product. Do not settle for anyone just because they looked your way. Be patient and the right man who deserves you will soon come your way.

Avoid Venting To Them Too Soon

dating as a single mother: the ultimate guide

Women like to talk about their frustration with their partners. As a mother, sometimes your child might be the cause of your frustrations. If the relationship is fairly new, avoid venting to your partner each time you meet about the child. They might see you as whiny and as having no life. To help you with this, have women around you who have gone through similar situations. Talking and venting to them will help you deal with your issues. This way, you do not show up for dates just because you need someone to talk to about your frustrations as a mother.

Dating is a game meant for people who are willing to play. Do not expect things will just work out because you have been there, done that, put in the time and effort, and soon find someone for you.