Dating A Woman Who Tells It Like It Is Can Be Intimidating, But It’ll Change Your Life

One of the most unique experiences in life is dating a woman who doesn’t filter or mince words. A woman who says it as it is. And if you’re lucky to have such a lover, you’ll have the best relationship because she’ll help make you become a better person.

When a woman doesn’t filter what she has to say doesn’t mean she’s rude or overly opinionated. But it means she’s confident enough in her feelings, opinions, and thoughts, and she’s not scared of sharing them with other people. She keeps it real.

A girl living a filter-free life has a sense of humor, and she’ll always keep you entertained. Here’s what dating such a woman is like.

1. She’s honest

One of the good things about her is that she’ll never lie to you. Since she doesn’t have time to process or filter answers, you’ll always get the real truth from her.

Although sometimes hearing the truth can be annoying and intimidating, you should understand that she doesn’t mean to cause you any harm. It’s just that she doesn’t see the need for lies.

2. She doesn’t sugar-coat words, opinions, facts or the truth

She’s realistic about everything. She’ll give you honest advice even if it’s not what you wish to hear. This is because she knows if you fail to face the truth, it might hurt you or cause you more harm in the end. And she does it because she cares for you.

3. She’s not easily offended

She takes it as it is, the same way she gives it. You can be honest with her regarding any of her opinions, thoughts or personal traits and she won’t get annoyed. And if she doesn’t agree with your argument, she’ll always give you the reason.

4. She expresses her view and opinions with confidence

If she has something to say concerning any subject, she won’t hesitate to share her thoughts. She expresses her opinions and lets others deal with them the way they understand them.

5. She swears a lot

Many times, she has been told to shut up or tone her voice down when cursing. But she doesn’t care or give a damn. And she does it because it makes her feel better. She also swears to add emphasis on the idea she’s trying to put across. It’s not to offend anyone.

6. She owns her unspoken nature

When people tell her how she doesn’t filter what she says, she admits it. She’ll also nods and smiles happily. She isn’t afraid of living a filter-free life, even if it annoys others.

7. She’s the person to turn to for advice

If you need honest advice about anything, she’ll give you the truth. She doesn’t filter or offer fake words or sugar-coated sentences to comfort you. But she’s sincere and won’t rub your face in it just for the sake of it.

8. She doesn’t care about acting ladylike

According to her, being a woman isn’t a synonym for being ladylike. Women with strong personalities make their voices heard. Even if it’s saying something which some people may consider embarrassing.

9. She’s open

When you meet her on your first dates, you’ll find her fascinating. This is because she will be more open and upfront than you expected.

Despite her being open, she’s trustworthy. She respects other people’s privacy, but she makes her own choices on hers.