Dating A Scorpio: How To Get The Best Of Him

Dating A Scorpio: How To Get The Best Of Him

I have no idea who you are, but it seems you're one brave woman. After all, a Scorpio man is your preferred dating choice. While your girlfriends are probably jealous, you know that all is not well like he makes it seem. It's not an easy job dating a Scorpio unless you're really in love with him.

Finding it difficult to kick start your relationship with a Scorpio? Read on to learn more.

Going On Your First Date

If you are willing and ready to go on a date with a Scorpio man and have a fulfilling relationship, there are certain basic rules of his heart and soul. A Scorpio is generally afraid because deep down, he's desperate and lonely to find a partner he can trust.

Your first date will look like a friendly conversation because he'll let you do most of the talking while he watches your gestures and feels the magic in your eyes.

Here are some dos and don'ts that will make your first date easier.

Let Him Lead the Way

On your first date with a Scorpio, let him choose where you'll go for your date. He has to feel like he is the provider and protector. You should, however, let him know that he has to reserve you two to three days in advance, and should appear on time.

Have Your Make-Up On

Put on make-up, but don't overdo it. A Scorpio man isn't attracted to a woman with too much paint on her face. They love to look at your lips and face. So, you should try to accentuate them a bit more by making sure that your lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shadow stay in the right place.

Nothing is more annoying to him than looking at a woman with a "dirty" face.

The Early Stages of Dating

Just like your first date, the early stages of dating are important. At this point, he's making up his mind about you. So, there are certain things you should take note of. This might be difficult for a Leo or a Capricorn, but he should always take the lead.

In a heated argument, try to be patient. He is very emotional, and things can easily get out of hand if you're not patient with him. He's the type that isn't forthcoming. So, you should let him know how you feel or what you feel about what he did. Such an expression of emotion can get him to express his own.

Handling Long-Distance Relationships

At some point, we all find ourselves in a long-distance relationship. The theme of this type of friendship or love is getting the spark burning even when physical contact isn't there. A long-distance relationship with a Scorpio man can either enrich your imagination or ruin it for all times. Here are a few ways to approach this type of relationship.

Use Different Communication Methods

Don't just video call or text all the time. The magic happens when you have these two ways in place. You can still write your Scorpio man an email or long romantic letter talking about your hidden desires. There's no shame in showing him your soft feminine side as this type of vulnerability can awaken his protective side.

Visual Thinking

If he seems committed to the relationship and has shown he's putting you first, you can stimulate his desires by sending sexy pictures of you. You should be extremely cautious when doing this, as it can sometimes work against you.

Be sure that he deserves the photos, and that he is reliable (he won't show the pictures to others). A sexy photo doesn't mean showing yourself naked. Think of a romantic kind of sexy photo where your skin can be seen, but focus more on your lips and eyes.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult falling in love with a Scorpio man but once you have his heart, he'll hardly leave your sight. Try to do your best in the beginning; you'll not wait long before he's in front of your door with flowers.