Dating A Romantic Guy? Here's Why You Hit The Jackpot

It can be hard to find someone who is truly romantic in a dating culture that often focuses on casual hookups and avoiding emotional vulnerability. However, a romantic partner can be incredibly special and make you feel loved and appreciated. These individuals are not afraid to express their feelings and go above and beyond to show their affection for their partner. If you need more convincing of how wonderful romantic partners can be, consider the following.


1. They always let you know where you stand.

When you are in a relationship with a romantic partner, you don't have to constantly wonder where you stand or what the future of the relationship holds. They make their feelings clear and regularly show their affection, which can bring a sense of security and clarity to the relationship. It may take some time to get used to this level of honesty and openness, but it is well worth it compared to the uncertainty and games that often come with dating someone who is not as expressive.


2. They remember the little things.

Romantic partners pay close attention to what makes their partner happy and will go out of their way to do small, thoughtful gestures to show their affection. These little acts of romance, such as bringing your favorite coffee or taking care of small tasks, may seem small but they can go a long way in making you feel loved and appreciated. Additionally, these small gestures can help to keep the spark alive in the relationship.


3. They enjoy putting a smile on your face.

Unlike past partners who may have only been motivated by selfish desires, romantic partners genuinely enjoy making their partner happy and going above and beyond to do thoughtful things for them. These actions are not done with any hidden agendas, but simply to bring joy to their partner. When you experience this kind of selfless behavior, you may find yourself thinking "I can't believe I found someone who is so considerate and thoughtful without any ulterior motives." It can be truly swoon-worthy.


4. You feel genuinely appreciated in their lives.

They show pride in your successes, offer emotional support in times of failure, and are always grateful for the things you do for them. They understand and practice the behaviors and love that make a long-lasting partnership successful.

5. They make actual effort.

They never forget important dates like your anniversary or birthday, and put in extra effort to make the day special for both of you. For these romantic individuals, it's not just about pleasing you, but about creating a love story filled with memorable experiences and memories together.


6. They're secure with themselves.

While some may believe that romance is a sign of weakness or that expressing affection is emasculating, romantic guys are confident in themselves and their love. They are proud of their thoughtfulness and embrace romance without hesitation, regardless of what others may think.

7. They love with their whole hearts.

When they fall for someone, they fully commit because half-hearted efforts are not in their nature. It is their instinct to protect, care for, and love their partner to the best of their ability, including making time for laughter, deep conversations, and showing how much the person means to them.


8. They were raised right and with good manners.

Romantic guys who are kind and caring towards women were likely raised to be that way from an early age. They learned to be thoughtful and kind as a way of life, not just by imitating romantic comedies.

9. They don't slack off just because they've won your heart.

It's disappointing when someone woos you with grand gestures at the beginning of a relationship, only to become indifferent later on. Inconsistency can lead to unhappiness in a relationship. In contrast, romantic guys are consistently thoughtful and caring, not just putting in enough effort to win you over, but to keep you happy for the long term.


10. They actually care about you and they show it.

The best part of being with romantic guys is feeling happy, loved, and secure in the relationship. You can trust them with your heart because they won't take advantage of you or surprise you with insensitivity. With these guys, what you see is what you get - they are genuine romantics at their core