Dating A Pisces? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Dating A Pisces? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Is there a sweet, beautiful fish swimming in your heart? Pisces lovers are charmingly innocent, and they like the emotional depth of a partner.

Full Of Empathy, A Pisces Is Also A Little Edgy. And Incredibly Nice.

Pisces are intelligent too, and the company Aquarius offers is always welcome. A Pisces keeps it real, and they won't get as dark as Scorpios.

Pisces And Attraction

This star sign longs and seeks romance. They have no problem attracting partners, and they hate being single. Besides having a great partner, a Pisces also loves success and money.


Full of creativity and romance and a pure heart, they have a healing vibe about them. But their emotions can go overboard and overwhelm them.

They make great doctors, actors, and writers.

Generally, they prefer people who are sensitive and kind and someone they can be completely open with. They like to build those around them up.

Romanticized Love

We've already seen that Pisces are about romance. That means they seek the kind of love you see in fairy tales.


They want a relationship where you express your emotions, thoughts, and all you keep inside your soul.

They are partners, not adversaries.

And you better be careful to help them heal when wounded, or they might not be healers anymore.

Pisces need people who are controlled and calm and can bring them peace. The last thing they need is someone who makes them anxious and disrupted.


Attraction To Other Signs

Scorpios, also water signs, usually attract Pisces. Although Scorpios are intense, they are dependable and protective.

Pisces need this protection as they are quite sensitive. Scorpios might be a little dark, but their emotions go well with those of a Pisces.

On their part, Scorpios need genuine love, which Pisces can offer.


Withdrawal And Pisces

Pisces are up for romantic dinners and getaways, and long weekend vacations. They will want you all to themselves.

Living in the moment is their greatest joy.

They hate to hurt other people and will suffer when they do. If a Pisces loves, you will always be on their mind, although they might not say it.


When in need of protection from the world, they often withdraw. They can even slip into alcoholism and drug use.

Since they are creative from deep within, such self-destructive behaviors can make things worse for them. They might think their creativity comes from drug use.

Desire For Peace

To a Pisces, what goes on in their heads is usually more exciting than what happens to them in real life.


Their expectations can get blown out of proportion, and for this reason, disappointments can easily follow them.

Pisces hate constant change. They thrive under stability and constant reassurance.

Change that never ends stresses them out. So, proving that you will offer them peace can really make them drawn to you.

What's It Like Dating A Pisces?

You will love dating a Pisces. They are very supportive, and they will want you to have all that you deserve.


They get you, and they urge you on in whatever you endeavor to achieve.

The best thing you can do for a Pisces is to let them be. Let them be weird and let their emotions free. But be sure to pull them back if they get overwhelmed and lost.

They also love jokes. So, you can humor them as much as you like. But keep in mind that abstract concepts intrigue them more than reality.