Dating A Narcissist? Girls Beware! It Will Cost You Everything

Dating A Narcissist? Girls Beware! It Will Cost You Everything

Your friends kept telling you that you were dating a narcissist. But no, there's no way that would be possible. He was texting constantly, bombarding you with calls every second, and showering you with compliments. A total charmer. But wait a minute, it's the third month now and things have long shifted. He is now colder, or harsher, and kind of over-bearing. You feel increasingly insecure and uncertain of yourself these days. I guess it's time to take that check?


The first tell-tale signs that you are in a relationship with a narcissist, girls, is the feeling of an immense loss of self.

And there will be many other losses soon if you don't take your heels and scamper to safety.

Dating a Narcissist Will Cost You Your Smile

Not only will your smile be gone, but also your sunshine, and your positive outlook towards life. Having a relationship with a narcissist will almost always end up in the dumps.


And you are the one in the dumps, not him.

Before that toxic guy fills your life with doom, anxiety, and depression, girl, do yourself and favor and check out.

Dating A Narcissist Will Cost Your Self-Worth

Fellow sisters, what else is there that is worth more than the feeling that you are okay, and valuable, deserving the very best that life has to offer?


See, when this toxic guy lingers long enough in your life, believe me, you will not know when tables begin to change. A relationship with a narcissist has the capacity to twist what you know and believe about yourself, and you start looking at yourself in a different and lesser way.

How fair is this on yourself?

It Will Cost You Your Self-confidence

And remove that bounce from your step.


A Narcissistic guy may appear very self-confident but do not be deceived. Inside him is this empty shell, this hurting child who is likely to have been emotionally abused.

Dating a narcissist will only make you a target of his past wounds. A narcissist will do anything to pull you down to his level and lower just to feed his hurting ego. But you are way better than this, sister girl!

He Will Work Hard To Separate You From Friends And Family

One way a narcissist ensures they have power over their victim is by use of the 'divide-and-rule' technique.


Ask yourself, does he sulk or get annoyed every time I mention that I will be meeting my girl-friends later on in the day?

What was his attitude when you spent time over at your parents or siblings at the expense of meeting him?

Almost always, you will have such challenges while dating a narcissist. They have issues with allowing space and freedom to their partners for fear that they can no longer control them.


Dating a Narcissist Will Cost You Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy

A narcissist by default is an emotional abuser. With wounds from the past that never healed and a bruised ego that needs to be guarded at all costs, he will ensure that you get your share of the distress in his life.


Such a toxic guy will take you through emotional highs and lows by giving you excessive love and attention and suddenly withdrawing them without reason or explanation. And making you feel responsible for his actions.

If you are always asking, "What did I do now, did I trigger his anger?", you are in the red zone.

Take my advice. You are not responsible for someone's emotions, so stop apologizing for the mistakes of others.


A Narcissist Will Leave You Hurt, Guarded and Vulnerable

Nothing good will ever come out of dating a narcissist. This toxic relationship will only leave you feeling hurt and wounded, and he will act as if nothing ever happened.

Run when there is still a chance and don't look back. Don't even try to work it out because he will not be willing to face up or own up to his part of the problem.


Okay, that sounds a bit harsh and judgmental but again, really, what can we give in exchange for our dignity?