Every girl loves waking up in the morning and seeing who thought about her while she was asleep. Get you a guy who texts you “Good Morning”. 

We always hear about those guys. The ones that are thoughtful, caring, even encouraging. You can have that. When a guy texts you as soon as he gets up, you are the first thing on his mind. This is the guy who is going to really listen to you. Who thinks of you when he sees your favorite flower. Who gives you something to look forward to.

He will encourage you to have a wonderful day at work or school.

He will love every part of you. Even the messy ones. He’ll think of your beautiful face the moment his eyes open. He will think about you before his eyes close the night before, and want to let you know this when you wake up. 

He will be so thoughtful.

He will show up with your favorite coffee even if it is a super complicated order from Starbucks. He’ll grab your favorite lunch and show up to surprise you on your lunch break. He will watch those cheesy romance movies with you, even though he would rather watch something with action. Maybe he would even let you warm your freezing cold toes under him.

You deserve this. You deserve to be cared for, and loved. You deserve someone who sees you everywhere he goes, and in everything he does. Someone who reassures you that you actually mean something to them. Someone who encourages you in every situation. You are so worthy of this kind of love. 

The gestures may be small, but he will do everything to make sure you know how much you mean to him.

Not only will he text you, “Good morning” but also tell you goodnight. He will probably send you silly pictures. Things that will make you laugh and smile from ear to ear. He won’t see it, but he will know its there. That is his way of showing you that even though you may be out doing different things he still thinks about you.

He will probably show your picture off to his friends and tell them how fantastic you are. I guarantee you will do the same. He will match your efforts and meet you half way. This is the guy who patiently waits for you, even if you take forever getting ready. He will send you chocolates and flowers randomly, not just on Valentine’s day. 

This is the man that will show you how committed he is to you.

He will go to great lengths to remind you constantly how loved you are. When you point out your flaws, he will point out they are his favorite things about you. He will love your flaws. He will make sure you are taken care of and give you your space when you need it. He will respect you.

You, my beautiful friend, deserve this. You deserve someone who texts you, “Good morning”.