Daredevil Admits His Powers Are Useless In Marvel's Crossovers

Daredevil Admits His Powers Are Useless In Marvel's Crossovers

Daredevil's powers are incredibly unique until he has to work with other Marvel characters in crossover events. Matt Murdock's Daredevil offers heightened senses that make up for his tragic lack of vision.

When joined by the likes of Thor, the Hulk, and The Thing, Daredevil has little to offer as these superheroes smash through everything in their path. Daredevil's power proves pretty useless under these circumstances.

This much was apparent in Original Sin, a 2014 crossover event where Nick Fury summoned superheroes to help find the person responsible for the death of Uatu the Watcher, whose body was found on the moon.

Daredevil has a pretty minor role in the production. He was involved in a brief fight, and he suffered due to an attack by Orb, the villain found with one of Uatu's eyes.

That was all the fighting Daredevil could take, which means he was not involved in the more serious battles that followed. Consequently, his role was quite limited in the production.

Daredevil can "see" his surrounding with nothing but his senses. While this is a cool power to have since it allows him to walk briskly in pitch darkness and tell when people are lying, it does not prove helpful when other superheroes are around.

His power also has a downside as a sensory overload can make him shut down.

Daredevil Admits His Powers Are Useless In Marvel's Crossovers

That makes Daredevil pretty useless at crossovers, and this is something he himself realizes. Matt Murdock spoke about the issue:

"I'm lousy in these. My radar sense can only handle so much chaos, and any donnybrook wild enough to involve both the Hulk and the Thing is, for me, like being caught in a hurricane."

That is not to say Daredevil's significance is to be ignored within the Marvel universe. For one, his story is profound, so he has one of the best narratives a hero could hope for.

The fact that he both has powers and a career as a lawyer makes him pretty interesting as well, even though huge Marvel superheroes like hulk can make him seem underwhelming with their mind-blowing antics.

Still, Daredevil has plenty to offer. This was apparent in 2019's War of the Realms. He served the important role of providing passage between realms for heroes that needed the service.

In 2022's Devil's Reign, he also gets a role that better fits his abilities.

Daredevil is among the most popular Marvel characters, but he tends to serve more limited roles in crossovers due to his limited abilities. This has to be tough on the character's most devout fans.

So, Marvel needs to find ways to highlight Daredevil's skills better so that he doesn't look so useless when among other characters in the franchise.