Danny Dyer's Wife Cleared Their Bank Account After He Cheated On Her

Danny Dyer disclosed that his wife emptied their bank account upon discovering his infidelity.

Danny Dyer, who starred in EastEnders in the past, has gained a reputation as a treasure in recent times, particularly after reconnecting with his ancestry and uncovering his lineage to some of the most well-known figures in history.

At one point, he strongly criticized former Prime Minister David Cameron for his absence following the Brexit referendum. He questioned the whereabouts of the ex-PM and denounced him for being leisurely in Nice.

His decade-long portrayal of Mick Carter in EastEnders, one of the country's most well-liked TV programmes, greatly contributed to his success. Despite leaving the show last year with his character's supposed demise, it is possible for the character to return in soap opera land if the body is not shown.

After leaving EastEnders, Dyer recently had an interview with The Times, where he discussed his life, career, and future plans.

While conversing, the topic shifted to some of the difficult moments in his life, such as the first instance when he was caught being unfaithful to his wife Joanne Mas in 2000.

According to Dyer, after the incident, Joanne altered her phone number, withdrew all the funds from their joint account, and denied him access to their daughter Dani.

The actor stated that he did not hold her responsible for any of the actions, acknowledging that he was going through a turbulent phase in his life. He further explained that he later realized the significance of his family and that they meant everything to him.

Dyer and his wife Joanne Mas started their relationship in 1992, and they tied the knot in 2016, a few years ago. Joanne proposed to him on Valentine's Day in 2015.

After the birth of Dani, they had a separation and went on to date other people. However, they eventually had an affair and reconciled their relationship.

Aside from their daughter Dani, they have two other children, a daughter named Sunnie and a son named Arty.

According to Dyer, therapy played a significant role in his life by helping him understand the root cause of the turbulent phases. He sought help at a treatment center in Cape Town when he realized that his life was spiraling out of control, stating that he needed to take control of his life.

He had stated before that he took a break from EastEnders as he was worried about his self-destructive behavior, and he even feared for his life.

Regarding Danny Dyer's upcoming projects, he is set to co-host three TV shows: the Netflix quiz show Cheat, the Channel 5 show Heat, and the Channel 4 reality game show Scared of the Dark.