Danielle Lloyd Quits Her £90,000-a-month OnlyFans

Danielle Lloyd has abruptly left OnlyFans even though she was making £90k on the platform. The mom arrived at the drastic decision after landing a big television role.

She was cast on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, and she would like to focus on her new line of work. Danielle will be part of the show next year.

The OnlyFans star feels that being on the platform would distract her as she pursues the television role.

Danielle is a mom based in Sutton Coldfield.

She does not regret her time on the platform, which has helped her pay off her mortgage and provide for her kids. However, she feels that it is not the best option for her at the moment.

According to a source, the fact that she has quit OnlyFans does not mean she will be covered up going forward.

Her fans will still enjoy the same naughty pictures of her in the future, but that will no longer be happening on OnlyFans.

In the past, Danielle has talked about her activities on OnlyFans.

Some critics have claimed that she should not be on the platform because she is a mom, an opinion the former WAG does not agree with.

While talking to the media, she asked, "If I want to post a picture of me holding my boobs and covering my nipples, who cares?"

As far as she is concerned, she was not showing off anything that "hasn't been seen before." She also mentioned that her OnlyFans career was helping her feed her kids and pay off her mortgage.

Danielle also felt that if her husband was okay with her being on the platform, so she did not see why everyone else had an issue with it.