Dan Bilzerian Gives 18-year-old Guys Advice On How To Get "Hot Girls"

Dan Bilzerian Gives 18-year-old Guys Advice On How To Get "Hot Girls"

Dan Bilzerian has offered an unbelievably simple trick on how 18-year-old guys can get "hot girls."

Bilzerian has gained internet notoriety for his outrageous claims, including bragging about his sexual prowess on social media.

He can often be seen in pictures posing with scantily dressed women while showing off his glamorous "VIP" lifestyle.

Recently, he decided to offer tips on how his fans can enjoy the same kind of success with women. He offered teenagers advice that will give them an upper hand as they date.

As he spoke on the No Jumper podcast, he offered 18-year-olds advice on how to approach incredibly beautiful women. He insisted that it was all about confidence.

"I think a big piece of it is just getting out there and approaching a bunch of girls and not approaching them in like an "Oh I think you are so beautiful, can I buy you a drink" sort of way."

Bilzerian insisted that what mattered was approaching the girls, talking to them, and learning to be comfortable talking to beautiful girls.

Although this sounds easy, he explained that many young guys experience anxiety in such situations. He confessed to having the same struggles when he was younger.

He would try to hit on the girls because he thought that was the right way to approach a woman.

Later, he realized that just talking to them was the right way to go about it since that brings with it the ability to handle rejection. At some point, he said that he was no longer worried about getting rejected.

Essentially, what he was saying was that guys have to learn to be good at talking to women.

In college, Bilzerian admits to having talked to a lot of girls and so would not care if someone shot him down.

"When you stop caring, you start doing a lot better."

Although he has been quite successful at dating, Dan Bilzerian recently revealed that there is something he has still not ticked off his bucket list.

He talked about the one thing he plans on doing before leaving this world with YouTuber Adam22. Bilzerian said he wanted to become a billionaire.

"That's the last real thing on my bucket list," he said.