Dame Judi Dench Becomes Vogue's Oldest Cover Star In History Aged 85

Dame Judi Dench Becomes Vogue’s Oldest Cover Star In History Aged 85

We know her from the big screen, but now Dame Judi Dench has made fashion history. At the impressive age of 85, the silver-haired queen of the screen will be the oldest ever cover star of Vogue.

Dame Judi will appear on the June edition of the fashion Bible, making history as the oldest person to grace Vogue's cover. What an achievement!

Vogue magazine has existed for over a hundred years. And finally, fashionistas of all ages can look at the cover and be inspired. After all, we all know that fashion has no age limit.

Theatre Star

dame judi dench becomes vogue's oldest cover star in history aged 85

Dame Judi Dench was born in York, England, but moved to London to study at the Central School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art. She made her start on the stage, starring in a critically acclaimed performance of Ophelia in 1957.

Even over fifty years ago, Dench received a huge amount of praise from critics. She was turning heads way back when she was just starting. Her performance of Ophelia put her on the radar, and she kept performing in theatre productions for another twenty years.

Dame Judi played Lady Macbeth with the Royal Shakespeare Company and even won an Olivier Award for doing so. Oh, what I would do to see Judi Dench plotting as the infamous Lady Macbeth!

Dame Judi

Of course, the excellent Dame Judi Dench hasn't been a Dame forever. In fact, it was 1970 when she was awarded an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire), and 1988 when she was awarded her Dame-hood.

As well as treading the boards as an acclaimed theatre actress, Dame Judi made a foray onto the big screen. She's been in film adaptations of Shakespearean classics, like A Midsummer Night's Dream. But surely we know her best from the James Bond franchise?

The Name Is Judi, Dame Judi

dame judi dench becomes vogue's oldest cover star in history aged 85

Dame Judi Dench played James Bond's boss (well sort of) from 1995 until 2012. Replacing Robert Brown, Dench stepped into the role of 'M', the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service.

Of course, Dench is in a host of movies, including Murder on the Orient Express, and Pride and Prejudice.

And... I'm not sure whether to mention this, but she also played the gender-flipped Old Deuteronomy in this year's wacky Cats movie. Yes, we made fun of that movie across the internet for its dodgy effects and uncanny valley A-listers. But, Judi Dench can't be bad at anything.

Seriously, take it from someone who went to see Cats in a movie theatre (don't judge me), she plays old, regal cat just as well as she plays any other role.

No Chance Of Retirement

In her June cover-star edition of Vogue, Dench gives a lengthy interview. Asked about rumors that she may retire, Dame Judi says, 'Retirement? Wash your mouth out.' That's our Judi!

The interview covers her sixty-year career, and how the actress is coping with life in quarantine.

The June edition of Vogue will be available to buy next month.