Dallas Teen Allegedly Breaks Into Home, Kidnaps 4-Year-Old Boy While He Sleeps, And Stabs Him To Death

Dallas Teen Allegedly Breaks Into Home, Kidnaps 4-Year-Old Boy While He Sleeps, And Stabs Him To Death

More details have emerged into the tragic death of a 4-year-old boy in Texas. The child was murdered in his parent's home in Dallas.

The boy was found dead with several stab wounds on his body. His body was found in the middle of the street in Dallas' Mountain Creek neighborhood.

According to the police, the circumstances surrounding the boy's death are "unusual." The authorities claimed that the boy had succumbed to violent injuries caused by an "edged weapon."


The boy's guardian said that the boy's name is Cash Gernon and that he was a "happy-go-lucky" child with a twin brother.

Later, the police arrested a suspect, 18-year-old Darriynn Brown.

Currently, the teenager is facing robbery and kidnapping charges. However, the police said that the charges are likely to be increased in magnitude once the official cause of death is identified.


Brown lives about half a mile from the location where the boy's body was found.


According to a neighbor, Jose Ramirez, the incident was absolutely shocking:

"Hard to believe. I don't think he was in his right mind."

The boy's guardian says that he was asleep in his room when Brown broke in through the backdoor and kidnapped him. Apparently, a security system caught the incident on video.

Suspect Had Recently Committed Another Crime

At the time Brown committed the crime, he had an ankle monitor on his leg. He got the bracelet due to a previous unrelated charge.


According to the boy's mother, Brown has no relationship with the boy. She claimed that she had no idea why he broke into her home and committed the crime.

A Neighbor Found The Boy's Body While Jogging

39-year-old Antwainese Square, a neighbor, stumbled upon the child's body while jogging. She knew he was dead after noticing the boy had ants at the bottom of his feet:


"It was heart-wrenching because this baby could have been no more than 5."

Also, the boy was covered with blood on his face and the upper part of his body. He also didn't have any shirt or shoes on.

The police department later stated that hard work by the Dallas Police Department had resulted in the suspect being brought into justice:

"It would not have been made possible without the Dallas FBI Evidence Response Team and the public's assistance."


Following the boy's brutal murder, his twin brother was put under state custody.

At the moment, Brown is locked up in jail with a $1.5 million bond.