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Dads With Young Kids In Luck: These Underwear Protect Their Nether Regions From Their Kids' Kicks

Dads With Young Kids In Luck: These Underwear Protect Their Nether Regions From Their Kids’ Kicks

It happens, and it's a normal part of parenting: dads get kicked in their nether regions by their kids while carrying them on their chest, playing with them, or helping them swim.

As a matter of fact, for dads who spend a lot of time with their kids, the blows can get a little overwhelming.

Luckily, someone has stepped up to the plate to solve the problem. Now, there's a special type of underwear that keeps dads from getting painful kicks in the balls from their kids.

dads with young kids in luck: these underwear protect their nether regions from their kids' kicks

1. The Name's FridaBalls

If that doesn't make a lot of sense, it's probably because you don't know the name of the company behind the product yet. FridaBaby created this product, and it's one of the unique and innovative products they have made in their lineup of baby-oriented products.

The only thing unique about this underwear is that it has been reinforced to protect the dad's private area from blows kids often rain on them when overexcited.

2. How It Works

The product is supposed to "soften the blow" of a child's kicks. It can achieve this because it features a "reinforced protective pouch." But comfort has also been addressed in this underwear.

So, it's not all about offering protection to the dad's privates. For instance, the underwear has a breathable wicking fabric that should "keep things fresh."

3. Yes, It's Necessary

Think of all the funny videos based on dads getting kicked in the nuts by their clueless kids. While everyone else was having a good laugh, the affected dads are usually writhing in pain.

Well, their solution has finally come. FridaBalls will ensure that everyone is not laughing at their expense.

4. It's A Serious Product, Or Not

Some people seem to think this is a big joke, but it's not. But I guess that depends on who you ask. For a dad who understands the agony of getting kicked in the balls, I'm pretty sure ordering this product is worth considering.

But for everyone else, this might seem like a hilarious gag product. The problem is that some of those who have purchased the underwear are not particularly impressed with its performance. The promised protection falls a little short, apparently. But then again, what other options do they have?

5. The Price?

FridaBalls go for $27.99 a pair. Depending on how much you need them, this could either be a complete rip-off or a steal. But if you seriously need some protection around your manhood to avoid wayward kicks from the little ones, then this is a small price to pay.

6. Is It Worth It?

Obviously, FridaBalls is not supposed to offer the full range of protection dads need when handling their little ones. After all, the protective pouch is made using removable foam.

This product is supposed to make the pain of getting kicked in the balls a little more bearable. The kicks these kids throw are pretty hard, and they can really hurt when they land on a body part as sensitive as this.

Do you see any sense to buying this product?

If you are a dad, then FridaBalls underwear probably makes sense. So, who are we to stop you from protecting yourself as you spend some fun times with your kids? So, go for it if at all you think it can offer you the protection you need from your kids' deceptively strong kicks to your groin.