Dad, Who Stabbed Friend For Raping His 8-year-old Daughter, Released From Jail: "Everyone Is On His Side"

Dad, Who Stabbed Friend For Raping His 8-year-old Daughter, Released From Jail: "Everyone Is On His Side"

Most parents have an instinct that makes them do whatever they can to protect their kids. That is why most parents swear that they will do whatever they can for their children, and most mean what they say.

A Russian father did the same thing after discovering his friend had raped his daughter. In a deadly revenge mission, he stabbed the man who assaulted his daughter to death.

Rather than face condemnation for being a killer, he is getting praised as a hero for standing up for his daughter.


Russian Dad Didn't Let His Friend Get Away With Rape

Obviously, it is difficult to imagine that a grown-up would willingly harm a child. So, it is even harder to accept that a friend would assault your little girl.

The 34-year-old father, identified as Vyacheslav, was quite unfortunate to find himself in this situation.

He found out about the assault while he was drinking with his buddy Oleg Sviridov in September 2021. The friend fell asleep, and the dad took the chance to look through his friend's phone.


While he was looking through the phone, he saw a disturbing video that showed his friend raping his 8-year-old daughter.

Vyacheslav had let Oleg babysit his daughter on several occasions.

The dad flew into a rage as soon as he saw the video and confronted his friend. Once the man realized his secret was out, he fled the scene as fast as possible.

The dad told the police about the incident, and a chase was launched. Nevertheless, he would not sit around waiting for the police to take care of everything.


He also started to search for his friend, and he was lucky to find him before the police could. Once he found him, he allegedly stabbed him to death.

Later, he said that his friend had "stumbled and fell on the knife" while arguing in a forest close to their village.

The Rape And Murder Investigation

After the man was killed in the altercation, the authorities began investigating. They were looking both into the rape and the murder.


The police found out that things were a lot worse concerning the rape. Vyacheslav's daughter was not his friend's only victim.

He had also abused his girl on several occasions. The man's phone also had three other phones of him abusing other children.

About a week after the videos were discovered, the body was found, and the dad was taken into custody for further questioning. They later determined that he was responsible for stabbing the man to death.


Authorities arrived at this conclusion based on the timeline and the report from the coroner. It was determined that Vyacheslav had stabbed the man dead before hiding his body in the forest.

The Villagers Spoke Out

The villagers, naturally, were shocked to learn that Sviridov had been abusing their kids. The victims were girls aged between 6 and 11.

According to one of the villagers, the man was constantly seen with the girls in the village. Unfortunately, nobody suspected that he was also abusing the girls.


Many villagers called the police station to talk about Vyacheslav's arrest. They asked that the man be released without charges since the victim had raped his daughter and several other kids.

One of the people who spoke out in his online support said that the dad was not a murderer but someone who protected his daughter and several other children. This person went on to say everyone was on his side.


Without wasting much time, Vyacheslav's village had a petition to get him released. The petition gained over a thousand signatures.

He was praised for what he did because, according to the law, the man would have ended up in prison for just eight years. As far as these people were concerned, this was not enough to ensure their children were protected.

The petition read:

"Every father would have done this [killed someone they saw abusing their child]. This will be an example to everyone."


The petition demanded that the executive branch, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Investigative Committee should be understanding.

Many people have insisted that Vyacheslav is a good man and father.

In the end, the police released him, but he was put on a two-month house arrest as he was awaiting trial.

Nevertheless, according to experts, the dad might still serve some time for his crime. Therefore, his situation is still unknown.