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Dad Who Adopted 'Child' Unleashes Burst Of Rage After Discovering She Was 22 Years Old

In a recently released trailer for a documentary, a father, Michael Barnett, who alleged that his 6-year-old adopted child was actually a 22-year-old adult posing as a child, was depicted losing control of his emotions.

The scene showed him breaking down in tears, screaming, and pounding the floor. Michael and his ex-wife, Kristine Barnett, from Indiana, US, had adopted Natalia Grace, a dwarf from Ukraine, in May 2010.

In the trailer for the upcoming documentary, "The Curious Case of Natalia Grace," which is set to be released in three parts on May 29, Michael, who was cleared of neglect charges, can be seen becoming emotional.

However, he cautions that the revelations in the documentary might not be well-received by the audience.

In a recently unveiled documentary that delves into the perplexing and distressing case, the father can be seen in an uncontrollable fit of tears and rage, furiously punching the floor while proclaiming that his family had all endured abuse at the hands of Natalia.

Concerns first arose when the couple claimed that Natalia displayed aggressive behavior and posed threats to their family's well-being.

According to the parents, while residing together in Lafayette, Indiana, Natalia allegedly made repeated threats to harm their children, including threats of stabbing.

"She tried to poison and kill my wife," Michael said. "One night, I opened my eyes and Natalia is standing at the foot of the bed with a knife in her hand."

Their biological son, Jake, supported these allegations, expressing: "I definitely didn't feel safe around Natalia."

Following their unsettling encounters, the family started to harbor doubts about Natalia's true age. As a result, the couple decided to seek a comprehensive medical evaluation for Grace, which revealed that she was an adult woman, believed to be at least 22 years old during that period.

In 2012, the couple took legal action by filing a petition in court to officially change Natalia's age from 6 to 22, consequently altering her recorded birth year from 2003 to 1989.

In 2012, the petition to change Natalia's age was successfully approved, legally transforming her age from a mere nine years old to 23.

After discovering the startling truth, Michael and Kristine made the difficult decision to leave Natalia in an apartment in Indiana in 2013 and relocated to Canada with their other children.

However, this did not mark the conclusion of their distressing journey, as the Barnetts found themselves facing severe neglect charges for purportedly abandoning a child.

Michael and Kristine vehemently opposed the accusations and instead asserted that they were victims of deception. Now, after enduring significant trauma, the couple has been given the opportunity to share their perspective, and they have not hesitated to do so.

Michael, who was cleared of neglect charges, is becoming emotional. He offers a cautionary note, suggesting that the revelations presented in the documentary may be unsettling.

"You're gonna get the truth. I will pre-warn you, you might not like the truth."

The Footage Shows The Man Wailing: "We Were All Abused! I Hate This!"

In the newly unveiled trailer, he is also shown in a deeply distressed state, visibly shaken, as he forcefully pounds his fists on the ground, recounting the harrowing experiences he endured with his adopted daughter.