Dad-To-Be Slammed For Eating Pizza While Wife Is In Labor

dad-to-be slammed for eating pizza while wife is in labor

A photo that's going around the web shows a dad-to-be enjoying some takeout pizza even as his wife is in labor. The unflattering photo of the man was posted on Reddit's r/trashy subreddit with the caption "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno."

Even though the man did not expect his actions to get exposed on the web, he can't say he didn't see the public outrage coming.

Given the nature of the photo, it soon went viral. Some commenters were upset by the man's lack of sensitivity to his wife's situation.

But of course, we also have those who will see the humor in everything. A few of such folks found the photo to be quite hilarious.

Here's what you need to know about all this:

It Might Be A Joke

Come on! We all know the lengths some people will go to get a little attention on the web, and this isn't way beyond what we have seen before.

In all likelihood, the heavily pregnant mom-to-be was probably in on the prank. It's possible she has a great sense of humor and thought the photo would be funny.

Who knows? The pizza might even have been her idea.

However, we can't be so sure that this is truly what went down. So, don't hold this argument against us.

If The Photo Is Real, It's Not Funny At All

Bringing life into this world is not something that should be taken lightly. The whole process is painful, stressful, uncomfortable and incredibly difficult.

If there is ever a perfect time to show your partner you care, it's when they are pregnant and in the throes of labor.

So, if the guy seriously thought enjoying some pizza was a greater priority than giving his undivided attention to his wife, then this is truly messed up.

During these moments, the man should hold his partner's hands and give her as much support as she needs as she brings their child into the world.

But Also, We Gotta Eat, Right?

A few commenters found the photo funny, and they think that man's actions are perfectly defensible.

A few argued that labor could be a protracted process that can take a lot out of a guy. So, it's possible the guy was starving and couldn't resist the hunger pangs any longer.

Labor can take days. And according to these folks, what he did was totally considerate.

After all, he could have disappeared to go eat. In instead, he chose to stay in the room with her during labor.

According to this school of thought, the guy was very considerate of his partner by not disappearing on her at this crucial moment.

People Won't Stop Talking

The photo might be real, or not. But whatever the case, it has gotten the internet buzzing.

People are expressing their opinions on the issue. Whether you think this is a serious problem or a hilarious situation, everyone gets to have an opinion.

But in all seriousness, when your partner is in labor, the best you can do is give them your undivided attention. At this moment in her life, what she is going through is undoubtedly orders of magnitude more serious than the hunger pangs that might be bothering you.