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Dad Sparks Backlash For Using A Leash To Take His 5-Year-Old Quintuplets For A Walk

Dad Sparks Backlash For Using A Leash To Take His 5-year-old Quintuplets For A Walk

A dad-of-five is getting serious backlash on the internet after he shared a video on Instagram of himself using a leash to take his five-year-old quintuplets on a walk. Even though the leashes ensured that none of the kids walked off, many people criticized the 31-year-old father, Jordan Driskell, for making such a decision and pointed to him that his children are "humans, not dogs."

Jordan Believed That It Was A Normal Day Out

Using the leashes, Jordan took his quintuplets - Zoey, Hollyn, Asher, Gavin, and Dakota - out for a walk to ensure they all remained together. He was completely unaware that the video would spark so much attention online.

Due to their tender age of five, Jordan's kids are not sensitive enough to danger and prefer to "run off and explore," being overly curious. He told Today that he and his wife Briana, for the sake of their sanity and peace of mind, make use of the leashes to assure the safety of their kids.

Jordan explained that the 5-seater stroller they own is too burdensome, and the children prefer to walk.

He said, "It was just too bulky and ridiculous to take anywhere. The other thing is, they want to walk when we go somewhere crowded. A leash gives them the opportunity to do that – but we're still in control. They love it."

Jordan Maintained That His Kids Love The Leashes

He said the kids were always excited to put on the leashes and that wearing them "allows them to do fun stuff as a family without being stressed." This should likely make sense to anyone with multiple young children, right?

There were lots of people who showed their support for the use of leashes, and one said: "With five kids, you need that. Responsible parenting right there."

Another remarked: "I have nothing but respect for you, sir." Someone else added: "Considering my two-year-old tried to bolt into the street, yeah, we use leashes now too."

However, some criticized the decision. One commenter said, "Are you gonna train them to pull a sleigh next? Which one has the red nose? Are any of them rescues?"

Someone else advised: "Don't have so many kids!"

"Those kids are way too old to be walked on a leash like a damn dog," a third insisted.

Professionals Do Not Fully Support The Idea Of A Leash

A pediatrician, Benjamin Hoffman, who chairs the injury prevention counsel at the American Academy of Pediatrics, told Good Housekeeping that leashing children has a serious risk of falling.

He said, "As a pediatrician, I'm not happy to see children leashed like pets. As the father of three, I am well aware of how quick, impulsive, and unpredictable kids can be."

"But from an injury standpoint, I would worry about entanglement or choking – we know the risks of other loose cords, like on window blinds. I've personally witnessed parents pull back forcefully on a leash, resulting in a fall, often backward," Dr. Hoffman said. "I worry about injuries to head and limbs in that scenario. As a pediatrician, I would never recommend them. I would rather see a child in a stroller than on a leash."

However, Deborah Gilboa, another pediatrician, does not agree with this. She described the leashes as "creative problem-solving." She explained: "The alternative would be just staying at home. It's a great system for a parent with a neurodiverse child or a child who hasn't nailed all their listening skills."