Dad Sets New World Record By Doing 3,200 Push Ups Within An Hour

A father from Australia has shattered the world record for the highest number of push-ups performed within an hour, hoping to inspire his one-year-old son in the process.

Lucas Helmke, aged 33, completed a grueling 3,206 push-ups within the hour, averaging approximately 53 push-ups per minute or nearly one per second.

This was no small accomplishment, particularly as each push-up had to be executed flawlessly to meet the rigorous criteria of Guinness World Records.

To meet the stringent standards set by Guinness World Records, each push-up had to adhere to strict rules, such as maintaining straight arms when raised, hitting a minimum 90-degree elbow angle when lowered, and avoiding knee bending or waist hinging.

Remarkably, Lucas had only 34 push-ups invalidated due to improper form, accounting for merely one percent of his overall count.

This is a remarkable achievement, especially when you consider the breakneck pace at which he had to perform to claim the record.

Lucas, who had been preparing for this feat for the past two to three years, undertook the challenge at his neighborhood gym, Iron Underground, in Brisbane.

His approach involved breaking the push-ups into 30-second intervals, with each set aimed at completing 26 push-ups.

However, according to the Guinness World Records, Lucas surpassed this objective, maintaining an average of approximately 26.7 push-ups every 30 seconds.

Lucas's achievement of more than 3,200 push-ups surpassed the previous record of 3,182, established in April 2022 by fellow Australian Daniel Scali.

Lucas's accomplishment is the fourth instance of a new world record being established in the last three years.

Despite having claimed such a physically taxing Guinness World Record, Lucas is far from done.

In fact, he intends to break one record each year going forward.

The dad, who's an accountant by trade, told Guinness World Records: "This will be the first record I wish to set of a number of other push up records. Then onto other physical records."

Lucas stated that after becoming a father for the first time, he wanted to undertake this challenge to 'motivate' his one-year-old son and demonstrate to him that 'nothing is impossible.'