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Dad Says Chasing Off Two Burglars Lost Him $73k Job, Freedom, And His Unborn Baby

Adam White condemns his decision to pursue invaders Taylor Benford and Ryan Paul as a "moment of madness" and says he will "regret" it for the rest of his life.

A man who pursued two thieves has opened up about his "moment of madness" and how it changed his life forever.

In 2019, Adam White was at his Leighton Buzzard home when he saw two thieves escaping with a stolen motorbike.

The 34-year-old immediately fled his house and hopped into his vehicle to go after them.


The two robbers, Ryan Paul and Taylor Benford were later taken to the hospital after Adam struck them with his car as he was approaching a tight turn.


Later, Adam was sentenced to 22 months in jail after being held responsible for endangering others while driving carelessly.

The unfortunate event caused Adam to lose his $73,195-a-year career and his newborn child.

When speaking to the media about the impact of his conviction, he said: "I will regret what I did for the rest of my life. It was a moment of ­madness. Thank God no one died. I have paid a high price."


The first week was so challenging that I couldn't stop grieving, Adam said as he reflected on his time there.


"I got through it by thinking about getting home to my kids. I had two other people in my cell, and I felt cockroaches scurrying over my bed covers at night. We were all sharing one toilet; it was degrading. I hated it."

"My worst moment was when cellmates went crazy and smashed the place up. He ripped off the toilet seat and threw it at the guards. He also threw the TV at them."

"I was sat in the corner of the cell thinking he was going to attack me. He also started self-harming, slicing his arms with a razor blade."


"I also saw fights inside. I stood at my cell door and saw two guys swinging at each other down the landing. There was a kettle on the floor. They had put fabric softener in the kettle and boiled it."


"When the fabric softener boils, it goes gloopy and sticks to people like napalm. I was locked up alongside drug dealers and murderers – some of the other inmates called me a 'civilian' and said I didn't belong in jail."

Lindsay, his 34-year-old girlfriend, decided to terminate her unborn child due to the awful circumstance.

I went into a severe depression after the abortion, she claimed.


"I still feel incredibly guilty. I blame the burglars. They forced Adam and me into making that decision."


Deciding to terminate the baby was terrible, according to Adam. I wish we had a younger sibling to show to the other kids.

He was arrested on a recent episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody despite being released from jail back in September.

In addition, he received a huge amount of support on social media after the show aired.


A GoFundMe page created in his honor has already generated more than $195,188.

Adam, who is currently employed as an electrician, said he was amazed by the support he has gotten through GoFundMe.


"This clears the loan for our barrister fees, which means the kids can have a Christmas this year. And we will give some of the donations to the charity Sands – The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society."

"If someone comes to my house again, I'm not going to chase them," he continued.

Then a police spokeswoman said that the event is an important warning that individuals should not take the law into their own hands. Calling 999 is the best course of action when a crime is being committed.