Dad Forces Rapist Son To Turn Himself Into Police And Says He'd Do It Again

dad forces rapist son to turn himself in to police and says he’d do it again

Given another chance, Jonathan Evans would still force his son to turn himself in for the crime he committed. The 18-year-old boy was forced by his father to get himself arrested by the police after he saw text messages between the boy and his rape victim.

His son Jack turned out to have raped a girl.

Jonathan Evans is from Pontypool in South Wales in the UK. He said he did this to make sure his son would "do the right thing."

He even helped him go the police and confess to his heinous crimes in order to face justice.

Father Discovered The Incident Two Months Later

Jack was working at a fast-food restaurant. He was 17 at the time, and he managed to convince a young woman to sleep with him.

However, the woman changed her mind at the last minute. That, unfortunately, did not stop him from forcing himself on her.

According to Claire Pickthall, the prosecutor:

"He carried on anyway despite her telling him to stop and trying to push him off."

Jonathan Found It Important That His Son Pays For The Crime

Asked why he made the strange choice of making his son turn himself in rather than protect him as most parents would, the dad had this to say:

"I believe you have to own what you did. So I had to make it his choice."

In fact, Jack admitted his guilt to his father in private and even apologized for the crime he committed. However, as far as he was concerned, that was not enough: he had to face justice.

Eventually, Jack Supported The Idea Of Turning Himself In

Most people would try to flee as soon as they discovered that they were about to get arrested for a crime, but for this teenager, that was not the way to go.

After his dad talked to him about turning himself in, he actually agreed.

His dad said he needed to confess formally and face justice, and said he was quite proud of his son:

"I am really proud of him for coming to the conclusion that the right thing to do was admit to it."

Jack Has Already Faced Justice

After his crime and the admission he made, Jack was put in a juvenile detention center for two years.

After his release, it will take a while before his life gets back to normal since he will have to remain registered as a sex offender for 10 years.

So, in all likelihood, this is a crime that will be part of him for the rest of his life.

The Father Has No Regrets

In all likelihood, the decision to get himself arrested will affect Jack's future in a big way. However, the dad says he does not regret what he did:

"I would do the same thing again. I would have to because that is my moral standing on it, it is painful but it is right. You cannot get on with your life if you live your life under a lie. As much as this hurts, it is the right thing to do."

Most parents would not do what Jonathan did. Hopefully, the example he has set for his son will motivate him to stay out of trouble in the future.