Dad Divides The Internet With 'Disgusting' Punishment For Misbehaving Child

dad divides the internet with ‘disgusting’ punishment for misbehaving child

Many people will say that parenthood is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, and yet the hardest thing to do.

Being a parent is everything but easy.

Parents carry the burden of responsibility to raise the next generation.

And living in a digital era, in which the sources to learn about raising kids is limitless, is not that helpful as we might think sometimes.

There are dozens of useful methods that parents could use to deal with their children. Still, some of them seem to cross the red line and take all things too far.

The Perks Of Parenthood

Parenthood is something that will change your life forever.

dad divides the internet with 'disgusting' punishment for misbehaving child

Although having a child means experiencing love on a way different level than before, it is also one of the most challenging things in life.

But it's not always rainbows and unicorns. With a little help from your insecurities, the pressure to be a perfect parent can overcome the road of your good intentions.


And this is where all things get messy.

There's No Such Thing As 'Perfect Kids'

dad divides the internet with 'disgusting' punishment for misbehaving child

Kids will be kids.

They are loud. There could be days when they would play all day and be the perfect children one could wish for.

Other days, they could yell and sing for hours without any break.

And your patience often could be tempted.

Whenever you feel the urge to put to question your parenting skills, try to understand that children too have their good and bad days.

Testing The Limits

Experiencing a couple of bad days doesn't give you the allowance to raise a hand on them.

dad divides the internet with 'disgusting' punishment for misbehaving child

There are thousands of various disciplining methods for children.

Even though many of them could be useful, there are plenty that may be considered extreme. Even cruel at some points.

The Cruel Things That Surround Us

This week, someone on Twitter has shared a video of a dad trying to discipline his child. And it went viral straight ahead.

People started taking sides, whether the father crossed the line or not.

Taking Sides


Many people were not convinced that children could learn their lesson if their parents raised a hand on them.

Parents need to help their kids grow into healthy and confident young people, not torture them.

Variety Speaks

Some other people thought that it was the lesser of two evils that needed to be done.

Discipline is key. But is it really?

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

There were even people that encouraged this dad by saying how beating made them who they are today.


And of course - some thought that public humiliation should be a part of the punishment.

To Each Their Own

There is no doubt that parents have their ways to raise children. But sometimes, there isn't a single thing in the world that could justify the things we could see in the video.

dad divides the internet with 'disgusting' punishment for misbehaving child

Spanking and yelling could never solve things in the long run.

dad divides the internet with 'disgusting' punishment for misbehaving child

In the end, the sore parts of the body will heal. But the words that you've said in anger can never be taken back.

And unfortunately, they are the ones that usually stay stuck deep in the thoughts of your child.

Feel free to draw your conclusions, and don't forget that even parenting is a lesson that can be learned. But only if you are willing to learn it.