Dad Defends Pinning 14-Year-Old Daughter To The Floor To Discipline Her

Andrew Anderson, the girl's father, was caught on video violently pinning his 14-year-old daughter to the floor of their garage in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The video went viral online, showing the father hitting his daughter while she kicks and screams for him to stop. Anderson and his wife, the girl's stepmother, have since defended their actions, claiming that their approach to disciplining their daughter, who was accused of stealing something, was appropriate.

1. The Teen Can Be Seen Struggling To Get Away

In the video, the 14-year-old girl can be heard screaming at her father to get off of her, but he disregards her cries and remains kneeling on top of her. It appears that he strikes her in the face multiple times as she tries to fight back. He also tells his daughter that he will involve the police, accusing her of being a "liability."

2. The 36-Minute Video Was Shared To Instagram

It is even more absurd that the incident was actually live-streamed on Instagram by Andrew Anderson himself, and the video quickly went viral. Numerous users urged authorities to remove the girl from the house and arrest the parents, highlighting the inappropriateness of the abuse. Eventually, investigators in the area decided to initiate a case against the father.

3. Anderson Doesn't Regret His Actions In The Slightest

"I don't regret anything that was seen on video, but I do regret broadcasting the video to other people," he shared with Channel 2 Action News.

He firmly believes that his violent actions were an appropriate way to discipline a misbehaving child.

"I didn't sit on her. I didn't put my weight down on her at any time in the video. I strictly used my knees to kind of lock her arms in while I was holding her arms to the side."

4. He Believed Treating Her Like That Was A Learning Experience

Anderson maintained that he had never abused his daughter and claimed that he had only used aggressive means to discipline her as a lesson in case she were ever mistreated by someone else.

"My intent was to give her an experience that she could feel because she is not listening to me," he said. "I just hope this situation will wake her up in a sense. There's a lot of people out there that love you and you just need to make smarter choices. I'm sorry it's gotten to where it's gotten to today."

5. The Teen Is Currently Living With A Friend Of The Family

Pending further investigation, she was taken out of the household.