Dad Arrested, Charged After Beating Man, 20, He Found In His 14-year-old Daughter’s Room

Dads can be overprotective, but keep in mind that the girl in question is 14, and the man is 20.

Let's see what happened in our crazy world and what will happen to this Georgia dad.

Dad's big mistake

Ismael Casillas, 41, found Keywontrezes Humphries in his daughter's room in the early morning hours. Casillas beat Humphries, knocking out a few of his teeth and choking him.

dad arrested, charged after beating man, 20, he found in his 14-year-old daughter's room

The authorities reacted, and they were sympathetic at first. But, things went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.

Once the police heard that Casillas asked his wife to bring him his gun, his destiny changed.

The officers thought about letting the father go, considering that the daughter is 14. But, one gun was a game-changer.

Casillas is facing severe charges

As young Humphries was running away, after jumping from the window, the agitated father met him in the front yard and continued the beating. He allegedly threatened the 20-year-old's life. And the investigators said Casillas then fired shots as Humphries took off.

Investigator Scott Kilgore revealed:

There is a line that he can't cross, we can't cross, when somebody is no longer a threat to you. My advice would be to let it go and contact us and let us handle it. Don't take it into your own hands.

Police caught up with Humphries, arrested him, and charged him with child molestation for allegedly having a sexual relationship with Casillas' daughter. The two met online while playing Xbox.

dad arrested, charged after beating man, 20, he found in his 14-year-old daughter's room

Humphries had driven two hours to visit the girl at the family's home. More charges are possible against Humphries as the investigation continues.

Ismael Casillas is facing an aggravated assault charge.

Casillas' wife started a GoFundMe page

Kristy Casillas started a GoFundMe page to help her family's legal bills. Her statement says:

My husband did what anyone else would have done, we had no idea who this man was, did he just rape our daughter, was he trying to abduct (sic) our daughter, is this a home invasion and does he have a gun in his waistband, in his car?? We had no idea who this man was or why he was in our home until he sped off down the driveway and we spoke to our daughter. Then they arrest my husband for standing his ground and protecting his family.

We're all for showing certain people that they are not welcome, but, if the dad did not allegedly try to kill this 20-year-old creep, things would be much easier for the Casillas family.