Dad And Stepmom Sentenced For Death Of 6-Year-Old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Dad And Stepmom Sentenced For Death Of 6-year-old Arthur Labinjo-hughes

Emma Tustin, mother of four, and Thomas Hughes were found guilty of abusing and killing Arthus Labinjo-Hughes, who was only 6 when he was murdered.

The stepmother from hell and the boy's father forced him to eat salt-laced meals before he was beaten and died from an "unsurvivable brain injury" in June 2020.

Emma Tustin, 32, was convicted of murder and will serve a maximum of 29 years. Her partner, Thomas Hughes, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter and will serve 21 years.

The Death Of A Young Boy


Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was murdered in his Solihull home on June 16, 2020. His "wicked" stepmother shook him and banged his head, leaving the 6-year-old with an "unsurvivable head injury."

Tustin called the boy's father and waited for 12 minutes to call the ambulance.

The couple claimed that Arthur "fell and banged his head."

However, as soon as the police checked the couple's messages, they knew what had happened. Hughes told Emma, "just end him" in one of the texts.

At the begging of the sentencing, Arthur's paternal grandmother said that the boy would still be alive if Thomas never met Emma.


She added:

"It is also clear that Arthur was failed by the very authorities that we, as a society, are led to believe are there to ensure the safety of everyone."

Arthur's maternal grandmother also spoke in her daughter's name, as Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow was in jail for the manslaughter of her partner Gary Cunningham in February 2019.

The maternal grandmother, Madeleine Halcrow, said:

"He was let down by a person he trusted and should have protected him, left alone and isolated, and then they took him away from me. My child, my little love,defenselesss, trusting and nothing but loving, was killed."


"His short life stolen and the hole left in me and those who loved Arthur will never be repaired. Sleep well, my angel – you are truly loved."

The Boy's Body Had 130 Injuries

Daily Mail noted that social services could not protect the boy due to lockdowns. Though Emma and Thomas were even threatened to be arrested, as the concerned family members tried to save little Arthur, it was all for nothing.

The trial lasted for eight weeks, though it took the jury only a few hours to settle on the verdict.


The prosecution proved that the boy had been physically assaulted, poisoned with salt, and forced to stand for 14 hours a day during the trial. This was weeks before his death. After ending up in the hospital, 130 injuries were found on his body.

This is not the end of the hunt for justice for little Arthur.

The police are investigating social services which did not detect abuse on time. Social workers had seen Arthur just two months before his death after his paternal grandmother called them. Still, the social workers concluded there were "no safeguarding concerns."

Arthur moved in with his murderers only last year and was soon killed.

The prime minister said that questions "need to be answered" over the death of a young boy.