Cyclist Sparks Outrage After Knocking Over A Little Girl Blocking His Way (Video)

cyclist sparks outrage after knocking over a little girl blocking his way (video)

A road rage cyclist has sparked outrage after knocking over a little girl who was blocking his way before peddling off.

The girl's dad filmed the shocking moment when the cyclist deliberately stuck his knee out to hit the girl.

In the footage, the girl walks happily with a woman and another child at a nature park.

A cyclist then approaches them from behind, ringing a bicycle horn.

Instead of waiting for the child to move out of the way, he goes down the side and deliberately puts his knee out.

cyclist sparks outrage after knocking over a little girl blocking his way (video)

He then strikes the infant and sends her flying onto the snow-covered ground.

cyclist sparks outrage after knocking over a little girl blocking his way (video)

Although the cyclist used a bicycle horn, it appears that the woman and child didn't hear the cyclist approaching. They had covered their ears with hats and hoods to ward off the cold.

After the incident, the girl's parents took her to hospital, suffering from a sore back and painful wrists.

Afterward, the furious dad Patrick Mpasa pressed charges against the cyclist.

The dad claimed he believed the incident was not an accident as the man didn't even stop to check if the girl was okay. And when he approached him, he even refused to apologize for striking the infant.

Mpasa also shared the video on social media, asking if people agreed that he was right to complain to the police.

The dad also explained that after the cyclist realized they had filed charges, he contacted them, asking him to withdraw the complaints.

The dad explained:

"He explained what happened and asked us to withdraw the complaint to police. But he showed no remorse and did not apologize."

"What's more, he accused me of being aggressive. He claimed that he had not seen that [the girl] had fallen, that he would otherwise have stopped…"

"I have the impression that he thinks it is normal."

Commenting on the case, public prosecutor Vanessa Clérin said of the cyclist:

"He was interrogated and subsequently received a summons to appear before the correctional court…"

cyclist sparks outrage after knocking over a little girl blocking his way (video)

During questioning by cops, the 61-year-old cyclist said in his defense:

"When I was riding close to the girl, I felt my rear wheel sliding. To avoid a fall, I balanced myself with a movement of my knee."

"I felt that I might have hit the girl but did not immediately realize that I knocked her over."

But prosecutors insisted that the cyclist knocked the little girl on purpose.

They said:

"He was annoyed by the people on the path who had to swerve around all the time."

"He gave the child a 'knee punch' out of sheer annoyance because an obstacle was in his way for the umpteenth time."

After seeing the video, a local cyclist association described the man's behavior as 'unacceptable.'

They said they understood that he wanted to maintain his pace, but that didn't justify knocking the child over.

If convicted, the cyclist could face a prison sentence.