Cute Texts To Send A Guy To Make Him Smile


If you're in a relationship with a guy, it's likely that you spend a considerable amount of time texting him when you can't be physically together. Although most of your messages might consist of casual conversation regarding your daily activities and plans for your next get-together, it wouldn't hurt to send him some sweet texts that could make him grin and uplift his mood.

1. Just Wanted You To Know I'm Thinking About You

Although it may seem straightforward, this gesture is still incredibly endearing. It's likely that the person you're dating will appreciate receiving these charming messages as they demonstrate how much you think of them. Knowing that you are infatuated with them will undoubtedly boost their confidence and bring a smile to their face.

2. How Did I Get So Lucky?

When you're in a committed relationship, it's always a thoughtful gesture to reaffirm to your significant other how much they mean to you. While undoubtedly you are fortunate to have him as your partner as well, there's nothing amiss in expressing your adoration and appreciation for him as your boyfriend and the cherished moments you share together.

3. No One Makes Me Smile Quite Like You

Sending a message like this is sure to linger in his thoughts for the remainder of the day, especially if your relationship is still in the early, passionate phase. Additionally, it will undoubtedly inflate his ego because he will relish the knowledge that he is capable of bringing you more joy than anyone else.

4. Miss You, Babe

It's human nature to desire to be missed by others. Even if you and your partner have been apart for a short period, expressing how much you long for their presence and yearn to be with them again can be incredibly endearing. Admit it, it's pretty adorable, and he will undoubtedly appreciate receiving such a message.

5. I'm So Glad We Met

Here's another lovely message that you can send to your boyfriend, or even to the guy you've recently started seeing. It's a simple yet sweet text that conveys your reflection on your relationship and how grateful you are for its progress. This message is an excellent way to let him know that you value the connection between you both.

6. You Make Me So Happy

How sweet! Love can be incredibly enchanting, especially during its early stages. If you're deeply infatuated with the guy and feel overjoyed, why not express your emotions to him? Demonstrating your feelings is an integral part of establishing a robust and healthy relationship, and he will surely cherish hearing about it.

7. Hope You're Having A Great Day

The smiley face in this message adds to its cuteness. If you send it to him in the morning before he leaves for work, it will help set the tone for a fantastic day.

8. Nothing To Say, Just Letting You Know How Much I Love You

This text message will only work if you and your partner have reached a stage in your relationship where saying "I love you" feels natural and comfortable. Assuming that's the case, send this message as soon as possible. You will be pleased you did, and so will he. It's the ultimate cute message that your partner will cherish.