Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend (The Kind That Tells You His Deepest Secrets And Fantasies)

Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend (the Kind That Tells You His Deepest Secrets And Fantasies)

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend don't include "How was your day? Have you eaten? How was work today?" Those are routine questions you ask daily once a relationship leaves its "honeymoon" stage. But, this doesn't have to be you. You can bring back that spark and tingly sensation that comes with getting to know someone special by knowing the right questions to ask.

A new relationship is often intriguing and exciting. It keeps you on your toes with an intense desire to know more about your partner. Observation helps you learn, but more importantly, asking the right questions informs you.


At the start of a new relationship, you will often have a lot to ask but as time goes on, you learn so much about each other that the need to ask questions dies down. Maybe because you think you know all you need to. But the truth is, you can never know all there is to a person. You keep learning each day.

Therefore, let's look at some 100+ cute questions to ask your boyfriend. These include questions that will make him talk about you, himself, his family, desires, goals, plans for the future, and his fantasies.


Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Get Him Talking About You

To get to know what your boyfriend really thinks of you, know the right questions to ask. By the way, there's no need to rack your brain. I have such questions listed here.

What do you like the most about me?

What is your favorite memory of and with me?


How do you feel when you get an unexpected but sweet text from me?

What are the things I do that you dislike?

What other pet name would you love to call me?

Have you had a dream about me yet?

What's that thing I do without realizing that you just love about me?

Are you happy with me?


How do you feel when you think about me?

Do I bring out the best or the worst in you?

When did you realize that you really liked me?

Will you hold me when I'm scared?

If I was a flower, which flower would I be to you?

Of all my outfits, which one is your favorite?

If I looked completely different but with the same personality, would you still choose me?


Will you ever be too busy to listen to me?

Do you find my need to express even the silliest thoughts boring?

What's one thing you wish I can change about myself?

What are you more attracted to, who I am on the inside or outside?

If you're asked to describe me in one word, what's the first word that comes to mind?

How would you describe the way I smell?

Is there a particular outfit or accessory you'd like to see on me?


When did you realize that what you felt was love?

What was the first thing that came to mind the first time we met?

What's that one flaw you would preferably have me have forever?

If we had no choice, would you stay in a long distance relationship with me?

Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Get Him To Talk About Himself

Your relationship is not only about you. It's also about him. Hence, the following cute questions to ask your boyfriend will not only move him to speak his mind but also tell him that he is just as relevant in your relationship.


Who is your role model?

What do you believe is your most attractive physical trait?

What do you believe to be your most attractive personality trait?

If there's one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

What has brought tears to your eyes?

What is your happiest memory?

Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?

What's your pet peeve?


What's your most embarrassing moment ever?

If you walk in on a guy trying to hit on me, what would you do?

What can I do to cheer you up when you are upset?

What would you do if your friends disrespect me?

When did you get your first kiss?

What do you love hearing me say the most?

What's that one meal you never get tired of eating?

Would you rather go on a road trip with me or your friends?


Who knows you best?

Who will you never be able to say no to?

What are the things I do that tickle your fancy?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

If I trust you wholeheartedly, will that stop you from keeping secrets from me?

What's your favourite outfit?

What accessory would you love to have in abundance?

Do I come to mind without prompt?


What gadget are you crazy about?

Am I the kind of girl you'll take home to your parents?

What's your love language?

Eating out or in, which do you prefer?

Movie cuddled on the couch or in the cinema?

If your friends don't like me, will you still stay with me?

Have I ever made you sad or cry?

Will you tell me what you find difficult to tell anyone else?


Questions That Bring Out Deep-seated Thoughts And Feelings

Except you have no expectations of your relationship, you need to ask questions that show the depth of your man's thinking. Also, you need to know how deep already existing feelings run.

Below are 22 cute questions to ask your boyfriend.


What keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

What is your biggest fear?

Have you ever truly loved someone before?

Do you see me when you think about your future?

What's something you would never want me to find out from someone else?

Who do you love the most?

What can't you live without?

What's your relationship with your family like?

Do you believe in God?


Do you like children?

Would you like to have children of your own?

Of all your siblings, who do you like the most and why?

Do you think you're where you should be now?

What deeply hurts you?

What's the most memorable day of your life so far?

Are we dating with a view to marriage?

What do you want out of this relationship?

What's your greatest achievement so far?


What are your long term goals?

How do you deal with grief?

If I make you really mad, what is likely your worst reaction?

If you are asked to choose between what is right and what is kind, what will you choose?

Flirty Questions To Ask Him

Asking flirty questions in a cute manner is certain to bring a smile to your boyfriend's face. Also, it helps to keep the intimate part of your relationship alive. So, here are 18 flirty, cute questions to ask your boyfriend.


How many times did you think about kissing me before we actually did?

Kissing in the dark or in the rain, which do you prefer?

Do you love spontaneous displays of affection?

What's your secret fantasy?

Which of my physical features do you find most attractive?

Hugs or kisses?

Would you kiss me on my nose and forehead?

What do you think about public display of affection?


Do you mind getting kissed in public?

Do I come on too strong?

What's your favourite place to be kissed?

Would you like a massage?

What turns you on?

What turns you off?

Can you guess what I'm wearing right now?

Would you buy me lingerie?

What would you love to see me wear?

What do you think about making out?

Cute, Random Questions You Can ask Your Boyfriend

You need to be able to ask your boyfriend the right questions to know what to get him for a present or to be able to identify what he needs. Below is a list of cute questions you can ask your boyfriend. You can even make it look like a game.


Jeans or chinos?

Ice-cream or milkshake?

Coffee or tea?

Winter, summer, or spring?

If I was stuck somewhere close, in the rain, will you bring me an umbrella?

What celebrity would you compare me to?

The Beach or a road trip?

Junk or healthy meals?

Which of my clothes do you want to throw out?

Which would you pick? Sing a song, write a poem, or write a love letter?


What's your dream vacation destination?

If you feel trapped, what will you do to feel free again?

If you could have three wishes fulfilled, what would they be?

What's that one song you can listen to for the rest of your life?

What's your dream car?

Socks or tie?

Cuff links or wristwatch?

What's your idea of a dream home?

Will you give up half of the time for a football match for me to see my favorite soap opera?


There are lots more of these cute questions to ask your boyfriend. Note that, these questions, although for fun, can also let you know where you stand in a relationship. You get to know how much he really values you, how he'll treat you from how he treats his family if you have a future with him, and so on.

You also get to know if he will go out of his way for you, his plans for himself if he is your ideal man, and even things you can get him as a gift. So go all out to ask questions that matter.