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Customer Left Outraged By £5.40 'Salad' Which Is Just Cut Up Tomatoes

customer left outraged by £5.40 ‘salad’ which is just cut up tomatoes

After getting a $6 "salad" that was nothing more than chopped-up tomatoes and some bit of onion, a customer was left very dissatisfied and decided to complain about the ordeal online.

The unwelcome meal consisted of pieces of tomatoes and a few pieces of sliced onion on top.

After the incident, the customer took to Reddit to tell the world about the overpriced and underwhelming meal.

This client could not believe that the eating establishment could have the gut to serve such a meal as a "salad" and then price it so highly.

Going by the name of Gandi14 on Reddit, the person explained that they were touring Amrum, a popular German island. Unfortunately, after taking a long "mudflat hiking tour," the tourist ordered a dish supposed to blow them away and what was served instead were just tomatoes and a bit of onion.

Ironically, the seaside resort that committed this atrocity is very popular with tourists, and it is one of the smallest islands in the country, with a width of just 20 kilometers.

A Lot Of People Agreed The Meal Was Quite Disappointing

The unhappy patron shared the meal in a subreddit called sh*ttyfoodporn. A lot of people were very surprised and disappointed by what the restaurant considered an acceptable salad.

A commenter said:

"Jeez. Not even a bit of salt and pepper. That's rough."

Somebody added:

"That salad is sadder than my life."

customer left outraged by £5.40 'salad' which is just cut up tomatoes

A lot of people wondered what the restaurant called the dish on their menu. They were curious to know if the food outlet simply called it "tomatoes with a sliver of onion."

The sad part is that this is not the first time someone was left dissatisfied by a meal they ordered while traveling the world.

Earlier, a vegan mom was left horrified after receiving a plant-based breakfast worth more than $10 as her family toured Center Parcs. According to her, the meal was not only small but also well below her expectations.

Hopefully, the restaurant did something to make up for their client's unhappiness after the experience.