Curly Eyelashes Are The Latest Ridiculous Beauty Trend

Curly Eyelashes Are The Latest Ridiculous Beauty Trend

You thought rainbow eyelashes were absurd? Wait until you see these creepy curly eyelashes that are trending on social media.

Fashion in the 21st century, especially after the coming of social media, has been somewhat bizarre. From see-through plastic pants to duct tape bikini, we've seen it all.

Every now and then there's something new and even stranger than the ones before that pops up into the trend. And the ridiculous makeups are among the leading.

Recently, a peculiar beauty trend, curly eyelashes, has hit social media, and we've no idea why. The wavy eyelashes look quite dramatic and awkward AF, but it didn't stop the makeup artist, Sofie Petersen, from sharing photos of her new creativity on Instagram.

Also, when The Shade Room found a picture of this new style, they didn't hesitate to post it on their site.
Sofie Petersen is also the creator of other bizarre trends including lentil lashes, lettuce lids, and the liquid lashed. But its clear that curly lashes are the weirdest of them all.

But Petersen has a particular aim behind her bizarre fashion.

Petersen told Dazed Digital:

"I want people to feel something when they see my beauty looks. Whether it's inspired or disgusted. I want to show emotions and tell stories and joke around. I like that my Instagram is a place that can contain different expressions."

She considers fashion as something that can assist you in being yourself and break free from society's expectations.

She added:

"I ended up feeling like there were expectations to the way I should look, and it resulted in mental issues and very low confidence. Make-up got to be my therapy when I felt down. I finally reached a point where I just wanted to be 100% myself, even if it made me stand out."

Petersen considers makeup as a therapy for dealing with different norms. She also revealed that people loved her first safety pin creation, and it inspired her to come up with more trends.

She said:

"I just kept finding random things in my room and trying to figure out how to create something cool with it on my face. It's so much more fun to find the products to use yourself."

"What I want people to feel after visiting my Instagram is to be encouraged to just put whatever they want on their face and own it! Do whatever you want, you just have to feel awesome and be confident about it."