Cruise Around Like A Millionaire In This Motorized Pool Lounger

I’m guessing you have probably heard of inflatable swans and rose bottles. They float you around your pool so that you can have a good time. But what if you want more? What then?

As luck would have it, they have come up with just the thing for you if you were wondering ‘what next’ after inflatable pool swans. Say hello to the motorized pool lounger!

Called the Splash Runner motorized pool float, the product is getting a lot of attention for all the delights it can offer. Here are some interesting things about it.

cruise around like a millionaire in this motorized pool lounger

1. It’s Practically A Speedboat For One

On this motorized lounger, you will get controllers that will allow you to move the boat around. The speeds are not speedboat levels for obvious reasons. But still, this is the best you can do, and that’s pretty exciting.

2. It Has Two Controls And 66-Watt Motors

With this great pool accessory, you can move around the pool as you like. The lounger can move sideways, backward, forward, in circles, and so forth. The controls are conveniently placed on the armrests. Therefore, you will not have to struggle too much to reach for them as you move the lounger in the direction you want.

cruise around like a millionaire in this motorized pool lounger

3. It Can Reach Speeds Of 3 Miles An Hour

That does not sound like a record-breaking speed, does it? Of course, it’s not. But remember that this device is meant to float on a pool, not on the ocean like a jet ski. So, the speed is appropriate for the lounger’s intended usage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the speed of this pool lounger will vary depending on how much juice your batteries still have. But otherwise, 3 MPH is not bad at all for a device that’s meant to float you around the pool as you enjoy yourself.

cruise around like a millionaire in this motorized pool lounger

4. It’s Durable

This lounger is made of high-quality PVC vinyl material. You know what that means, right? For one, it will not get destroyed easily. But just in case things don’t go as expected, you will also get a kit that you can use for patching it up. And you don’t have to worry too much about exceeding its weight limits either – the lounger can handle weights of up to 300 pounds.

5. No Recharging

Splash Runner uses batteries (12 D-Cell batteries to be specific). That might sound like a lot of batteries, but it’s important to consider what this lounger can actually do. You can move all around the pool as you like on this power, which is nothing sort of impressive.

6. The Lounger Makes Pool Times More Fun

Most people enjoy being in the pool, leaning against the poolsides, and sipping their cocktails. I can practically do this for hours, especially when it’s scalding hot. So, the Splash Runner is quite the upgrade as it means you can enjoy your pool times even more.

The best part is that you don’t have to float aimlessly, but you can actually play around with this motorized lounger for an even more exciting pool time. Therefore, this is a pretty brilliant innovation, and I don’t see why anyone would pass up on it.