Crowd Chants "F*ck Hailey Bieber" During Justin Bieber's Surprise Performance

The Hailey Bieber/Selena Gomez controversy has escalated too much, and even their supporters acknowledge that it has lost its humor.

Following Justin Bieber's unexpected performance at the Rolling Loud Festival last week, the audience began chanting "F*ck Hailey Bieber" upon his appearance.

Justin's appearance during Don Toliver's set was significant since he had recently canceled the remainder of his Justice World Tour just a week prior.


Receiving derogatory chants about his wife was likely not what he anticipated.


In the past few weeks, the animosity towards Hailey Bieber has surged on TikTok, as users have developed theories that the model and influencer had been imitating Selena Gomez, Justin's former girlfriend, for several years.

Due to their romantic affiliations with Justin, the two women are often compared, but the situation has worsened recently, with hostility prevailing.

It all began when Selena's supporters accused Hailey of mocking the Disney Channel celebrity following a body-shaming occurrence.


Despite Hailey's denial of making fun of anyone and Selena's reassurance that there was no animosity between them, fans were unconvinced.


Subsequently, Hailey's previous tweets regarding Justin and Selena have emerged, along with a clip of her pretending to retch at the mere mention of Taylor Swift's name (who happens to be Selena's close friend).

There are several additional layers to this controversy, but TikTok users can provide further insight since I am personally drained by this entire debacle.

Soon after, Selena opted to step back from social media, citing that she had grown 'too mature' for the 'silly' internet drama.


Fortunately, she has resumed her TikTok activity, which will please her followers. However, she did post a public service announcement to her fans.

She composed the following comment under her most recent beauty tutorial video: "Please, please be kinder and consider others mental health. My heart has been heavy and I only want good for everyone. All my love."


It appears that some individuals failed to receive Selena's message, given that the 'F*ck Hailey Bieber' chants arose soon after.

After a recording of the alarming incident was shared on social media, the majority of viewers concurred that the controversy had escalated excessively.

"How old are y'all???" commented one person.

"I'm Team Selena but good God these people are stretching it," wrote another.


A third said: "I understand that everyone hates Hailey, but doing this during his performance??"

Hopefully, we can all concur that this has gone too far. I implore you, please let this be the conclusion of the matter.