Creepy 'Smile' Movie Trailer Is So Terrifying, People Are 'Dropping Their Phones' Watching It

Fans of horror movies are in for a treat with the release of the spine-chilling film Smile. The preview is so terrifying that it has reportedly caused some viewers to drop their phones in terror.

1. The Smile Trailer Lays It All Out

In the horror film Smile, Dr. Rose Cotter (played by Sosie Bacon) must confront her troubled past to survive the terrifying encounters she's about to face. However, her challenges are compounded by a menacing presence that continuously wears a haunting smile, indicating malevolent intent.

2. People Are Freaking Out About How Good This Looks

The Smile trailer on YouTube has amassed over 18 million views, with numerous horror enthusiasts expressing their terror and anticipation in the comments section.

"I'm a horror fan, I've literally seen it all (like most people). However the one thing, literally the one thing I CANNOT deal with is creepy smiles and unmoving, staring people. This film, if done well, could be truly excellent and horrifying," a commenter shared.

"This actually looks really good and really scary. Something about sinister smiles in horror movies makes my stomach drop," another wrote.

3. Some People Are A Little Too Scared

The Smile trailer has garnered an overwhelming response from horror enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate the movie's sinister premise. However, some viewers may be too frightened to handle it. A commenter admitted to throwing their phone, exclaiming "WHAT." Another revealed that the last scene was so intense that they punched the air as if the character was actually present in front of them.

4. Despite Just How Scary This Looks, It Promises To Be Really Popular With Fans

"The first time I saw this trailer it was night, my room was dark, and I was listening to this on headphones, the music scared me and the visuals in this trailer spooked me, and then the last scene made me scream in my chair. I haven't felt this level of terror in quite a while for a movie, I am so excited for this now," a horror film fan expressed.