Crazy? Intuitive People Label Life Differently

Crazy? Intuitive People Label Life Differently

It's important to stay grounded. Stick to your guns, know yourself and go in swinging. Isn't that how the phrase goes?

It's the people that know to have experience in this life that know not to get too caught up in the malaise of this modern-day fixation with labeling and self-identification. It's a steel trap, most days.

Getting caught up in that trap of social media and the chaos of cancel culture means that some people lose their nerve entirely. You are either too afraid of making a mistake and you do nothing, or you lose your cool and never quite get it back.


There are so many ways in which we can ensure we live calmer and cooler lives. Don't submit to the crazy of everyday life, and separate yourself from the mania.

You are an individual

You have value outside of your relationship with other people, and within the social hierarchies that exist. Never doubt that, and again, know yourself.

Once you know who you are and what you want, it's easier to keep tabs on it. Track when your needs aren't being met. Acknowledge it. Move on from that. Don't let the other people bog you down.


There's no time for deadweight in this life. You have to listen to your inner voice and actually act on it. Don't let it be the friend that you ask for advice from and then ignore. Allow your creative self to thrive, but also relax.

When you need it, let yourself just … be.

Think about who you are surrounding yourself with. The quality of personnel. The nature of your relationships with people that you give yourself to. Reflect on what of yourself you give to other people. Do you receive the same in return?


Crazy? That's what people might find comfort in calling you. Just because you don't play by the usual rules or perform social niceties doesn't mean that you're an alien.

This is where you have to acknowledge your feelings

Make your mistakes. Know that it's okay to do that. Give yourself permission to fail, and fail spectacularly.


It's one of the most damaging aspects of modern life that everything is videoed and policed. We all deserve the childish right to do things without dignity or control. To emotionally jump off a cliff. Or at least into a muddle puddle!

You also have to be intuitive to know your own limits. Set boundaries for yourself. Recognize your signs of overwork. You have to take a day off, otherwise, your body will pick one for you.


And it won't just be one day. You will become ill or create more difficult situations for yourself later. It's not a case of waiting for life to slap you in the face and tell you what to do.

We can't always wait for our mother to come by and pick us up when the chips are down and we're left to our own devices.

That's always the sign of great mental health

When you're alone and you still treat yourself right. Even when no one's watching. Or when no one else is around to care or check that you're doing the right thing.


Sometimes I feel that 'myself' is never a good enough reason to do anything unless I'm accountable for someone else. Or someone else is watching me and I have to prove how healthy and well-adjusted I am.

Intuitive people make clever decisions, decisions that are easy with experience and perspective. You aren't crazy, you just see life differently.

Intuitive people aren't crazy. Say it with me

We're just going to treat ourselves better, live more elevated lives, and feel more secure in ourselves. We aren't reliant on anyone else for our validation or place in this world.


I don't know about you, but I know who I am. And who I'm not, because I listen to my needs.