Couples Who Roast One Another On A Regular Basis Are Stronger

Couples Who Roast One Another On A Regular Basis Are Stronger

If you are in a relationship where you enjoy sarcasm and constantly poking fun at each other, you may have hit a home run. According to researchers at Appalachian State University, constantly roasting each other is one of the strongest indicators of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner enjoy making fun of each other, keep doing that, Your relationship will be long and happy.

Every couple is different. Apart from trust, communication, honesty, and compromise, which are the basic requirements for a healthy relationship, every relationship usually sprinkles in a little something that sets them apart. For some, it is having similar goals. For others, it is being the polar opposite of one another. However, one of the greatest factors contributing to a huge success rate in relationships has now been proven to be having a specific sense of humor: roasting each other.

The art of a good roast is complicated. First, you have to understand that everyone has their own set of quirks and idiosyncrasies, stuff that makes them who they are. In a relationship, we may not always like all this stuff. However, when we accept these quirks and call them out to each other as a playful roast, we are letting the other person know that not only do we see them for who they really are, but we also accept them because of it and despite it all. All while getting a good laugh out of it all. This is what makes roasting someone you care about special, making you connect at a deeper level.

That being said, it is really important to keep in mind that the roasting needs to be light and good-natured. No one likes being torn apart and being reminded of all the flaws they have. But if you do it with love, good intentions, and lots of humor, you will actually end up making them feel better about themselves, bring you closer to each other. In the end, it all boils down to the laughter. People who laugh together are more confident with each other, less stressed, and are therefore able to accept themselves and each other more easily than other people.

Roasting each other and laughing together like this also has a host of other benefits. It will lower your blood pressure, regulate your stress hormones, and relax you. In this state, it is less likely for the two of you to get into fights that may lead to breakups. Instead, with the time spent not fighting, you will have more time to do stuff together and get even closer. Furthermore, sharing light moments creates bonds and memories that you can relive and laugh about again over and over. It is a gift that just keeps on giving!

Another benefit of roasting each other is that in the event of an argument, there is less negativity and you will only focus on the matters at hand. Your fights are therefore more efficient, yielding better results. Plus, when you joke about your partner at their expense, it can be a way to vent and let out the little things about them that get to you. It is these little things that often pile up and eventually explode in a major fight somewhere down the road. So letting them out in a light manner like this is very healthy for your relationship.

Laughing in itself has a lot of benefits to a relationship. Besides boosting your individual immunities, it also boosts intimacy, because everyone knows that a sense of humor is attractive. In turn, intimacy makes you closer to each other down the road.

When all is said and done, the research has proven that couples who are willing to take and dish out some fun in equal measure are not only the happiest but also the healthiest. They stay together for much longer. As long as you keep things light and you do not do it with negative intentions, you and the person you love will be well on your way to a long, happy relationship.