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Couple With 53-Year Age Gap Launch OnlyFans Page With 'Fully Explicit Content'

couple with 53-year age gap launch onlyfans page with ‘fully explicit content’

Meet 23-year-old Gary Hardwick and his 76-year-old wife Almeda, the hottest couple on OnlyFans. They were already somewhat famous due to their unusual love story. Now, they are making money while sharing explicit content.

The unusual couple announced they're starting an OnlyFans account on their social media channels. They urged their followers not to miss on the "HOT content!" If you hurry, you'll pay for $6.59 (£4.94) a month, which is 10% off from the regular price.

They met at Almeda's son's funeral

The two met in 2015 after Gary attended the funeral of Almeda's son. After two weeks of dating and no sex, they tied the knot.

Gary Hardwick was 18 at the time, and of course, they didn't get a lot of support. It's not like she could be his mother. She could actually be his granny, or worse, and that's a bit creepy.

After their wedding night, they started posting on social media and just recently decided that it's time to show more than passionate kissing.

Perhaps they are soulmates

Despite the age gap, the two seem to be in sync, according to their social networks.

On Valentine's, Gary declared to his wife of five years:

"This is our fifth Valentine's Day together, but the true love that we have and share is more important than just today, I celebrate our love and thank God for sending me my angel, my soulmate each and every day."

Smitten despite all the judgments, Gary continued:

"You are such an amazing wife in every single way. You support me in everything I do, you show me unconditional love every day, and you always make me laugh and smile no matter what. You are truly the best my love."

Finally, he thanked and promised her always. Though, in their case that's not that long....

"Thank you for everything you do baby. I am forever grateful to be your husband. I love you so much sweetheart, until the end of all time. You will ALWAYS be my forever."

Almeda shared her thoughts, in an interwiewm in 2016:

"I wasn't looking for a young man, but Gary just came along. I just knew straight away that he was the one."

"I'd been married to my first husband Donald for 43 years, and so when he died in 2013 after seven months in hospital from complications with diabetes, I found myself on my own."

"I'd turn up for work at Walmart in tears and my colleagues would ask me what was wrong. Deep down, I was searching for a soulmate."

You can watch the odd couple make out and more

If you find this story to be interesting, check out their OnlyFans content. They enjoy sharing, some will say, oversharing, so you never know what they might come up with.

In the case of young Gary, you should know that his previous girlfriend was a few years older than his wife. He likes mature ladies, and clearly, he's head over his heels over his wifey.

Will their age gap freak you out? Perhaps it will turn you on? Who knows, but these two are something else!