Couple Who Served In WWII Together, Married For 70 Years, Dies On Same Day

Couple Who Served In Wwii Together, Married For 70 Years, Dies On Same Day

This couple is the true definition of true love—they met before WWII, got married for seven decades, and died on the same day as they had always wished.

In today's era, modern relationships barely last a few years because they're initiated based on trend, not necessarily on understanding, respect, and pure love.

However, there are a few love stories that have already survived the test of time and have left their mark on humanity. These relationships are a source of inspiration for those who are still searching for their true love.

For a relationship to succeed, it requires so much more than just intimate desires and physical attractions.

Andrea Mathews, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Counseling Supervisor and a National Certified Counselor, agrees:

"Being in love does not guarantee that a relationship will work. Relationships require also compatibility and relationship skills on the part of both parties. But the "in love" requirement is a must."

"Relationships are not easy for they bring us to the deepest parts of ourselves. Therefore, being in love must be an aspect of any healthy long-term commitment, and being sure that it is love, therefore, is an intensely important first step."

Meredith Hansen, Psy.D, a clinical psychologist who specializes in couples, premarital and newlywed counseling also describes true love:

"Healthy adult love exists when both partners are emotionally interdependent; meaning that both partners love one another, care for one another, desire physical closeness with one another, but respect each other enough to have their own identities as well."

A relationship survives when there are total dedication and effort from both parties. Both partners need to be completely willing to give it all.

Mudita Rastogi, Ph.D., a licensed marriage and family therapist in Arlington Heights, Ill, advises:

"Your interests, opinions, and experiences can change as you grow. But if you share the same core belief systems, you will have a platform from which to build a strong relationship."

Mark E. Sharp, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice who specializes in relationship issues, says:

"Long-lasting true love is when two people make a commitment to each other and choose to act in ways that sustain their feelings for each other and their connection to each other over time."

And the following story is an example of such love that lasted for seven decades, and it will definitely melt your heart.

Isabell Whitney and Preble Staver met before WWII. They fell in love with each other on a blind date in Philadelphia, where they were both studying.

However, when the United States entered the war, they put their relationship on hold. Preble joined the war as a Marine, while Isabell joined the Navy as a nurse and was stationed in Maryland.

Five months after the war ended, they reunited and married. Their life was full of love and joy and were both determined to cope with all difficulties together.

One of their children, Laurie Staver Clinton, told PEOPLE:

"They were great people. Mom really taught me that you can't change another person, but you can change your attitude towards them. Dad was a bit of prickly pear!"

In 2013, Isabell and Preble moved into a care facility in Norfolk after Isabell started suffering from dementia.

The care facility eventually had to place the couple in separate rooms as Isabell's worsening dementia was causing frustration in Preble. Despite her condition, Isabell still remembered Preble.

After several years in the facility, the staff called Laurie to say her final goodbye to Isabell. She also brought Preble to bid her farewell.

Shortly afterward, Isabell passed away, and her husband was there to say goodbye. After 14 hours, Preble died too.

Phenomenally, they were born 14 days apart and passed away 14 hours apart.

Laurie recalled how Isabell and Preble lived through 71 years of marriage:

"Mom and dad really lived out that, if you make a commitment, and even though life gets rough or life gets in the way, you work through life, and you live your life together."