Couple Takes Wedding Vows To The Extreme With Matching Toe-Tag Tattoos

One thing we can gather about Internet trends is their transient nature. Some of these trends arrive and depart so swiftly that it's hard to believe they even existed in the first place.

Moreover, people tend to do certain things that seem like they are attempting to initiate a trend, but ultimately they only reveal the absurdity of humanity.

That's precisely what one couple did when they got matching tattoos.

Although matching tattoos can be a personal choice, some people believe that getting the name of a significant other tattooed on one's body, even if they are married, could lead to remorse later on.

In this couple's case, however, they didn't opt for a typical tattoo. Instead, they got matching toe tags to commemorate their wedding, and then shared a photo of it on Reddit.

The matching toe tag tattoos featured several particulars, including the couple's birth dates, wedding date, and cause of death.

What's intriguing is that the reason for death stated was "marriage." Furthermore, they wrote that they were each other's property, which added a final touch to their quirky gesture.

Ultimately, getting matching tattoos is a personal choice, but it's important to carefully consider the decision. While some found the couple's matching toe tags creepy, others were put off by the sight of their dirty feet.